Week 6

Week 6
So not excited about the cellulite that is now covering my booty and inner thighs! And it came the moment I stopped working out 7 weeks ago.

I have permission to work out again! I just have to be cautious of my uterus still healing due to the c-section. And my doc knows I am a little OCD on working out. But I am going to do progressive workouts, although I would like to start with a run today since I haven’t been able to run since 6 months pregnant.

Below waist=35

All that enthusiasm, but here is how week 6 turned out…
Ok, so I feel like I am starting from a blank canvas. The baby stared at me from her swing as she watched me suffer through a 20 minute workout. The core stuff was getting easier, but the boxing in my Boot Camp 2 DVD kicked my butt…but it feels good to be sore.


  1. Wow - I am SOOO impressed! That is amazing - you look great!!! It gives me hope... ;) (I just found out I'm pregnant, and I am gaining weight- a bit early for that, don't you think?)

  2. Congrats Little P!

    Weight gain should be between 2 & 4 pounds in the 1st trimester for a singleton. That said, your hormones are bouncing all over and can make you very hungry! So if you've been exercising keep it up, if not start with some wlaking and/or swimming. Again, congrats! Keep me posted.