Weeks 7, 8 & 9

My Motivation is the picture on the right In 2005 I was an NFL cheerleader and felt really good about myself for our calendar shoot. So this picture is attached to my refrigerator with 4 pig magnets that say Stay Away from the Refrigerator
Week 7
I was feeling like my body was at a standstill but as I exercise more my stomach looks better and better!

Ok my muscles remember what to do. And I am seeing a big difference in my lower abdomen. Uterus is shrinking everyday and I am starting to see my waistline.

I have been doing my Boot Camp DVD and am loving the 10 minute workouts. I try to do it 3 times throughout the day for a total of 30 minutes, 3 days a week. Then I work my core on my own and run once a week.

Taylor has started smiling at me!

Week 8
We’re walking a lot to get Taylor to sleep. Good family time and gives us a little bit of exercise. I am starting to feel really frustrated with my body, but at least I am not as jiggly. It’s amazing how jiggly I got from not working out for 7 weeks (1 week before birth and 6 weeks after).

Below waist=34.5

Week 9
I am stopping breastfeeding, maybe it’s selfish but I just don’t enjoy it anymore. We’ll see if there is any difference in my measurements, other than the boobs. I have so many clients that lose the last few inches/pounds after breastfeeding.

But I have to TURN OFF the pregnancy and breastfeeding eating. I can no longer consume the extra few hundred calories with no problem.

I am doing my Core DVD and my Boot Camp DVD, alternating with running. And it feels so good to get a little sore since I am doing such a variety of workouts.

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