My 12 week Challenge...getting my body back after baby

This is my story and how I got my body back. But if you are embarking on any new exercise or nutrition program please consult your physician first.

First my story in getting pregnant…my husband and I both have fertility issues. And unfortunately we lost 2 babies during our In-Vitro treatments. It took 3 In-vitros, a lot of acupuncture, and a ton of emotional and physical stress to get our beautiful blessing.

I began my In-Vitro journey at my usual 111-113 pounds. And after 6 weeks of meds and emotional turmoil I weighed in at 121 pounds. But I lost the weight in between each cycle because I knew my mental health was also important-and I just wasn’t excited about my clothes not fitting! I also knew it would be a long journey if I didn’t get the weight off in between cycles—I would’ve had 30 extra pounds even before getting pregnant! In my case that would have been 50 pounds to lose after having my baby, which is a lot for my 5'1" frame.

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  1. Lindsay,
    I'm so glad I found you. I'm 29 and just started my first IVF calender. I'm also a runner, and am about to start my month of no running along with the shots and steroids, and am terrified. My running and my wonderful husband have been the things getting me through this long journey. It takes a weight off my mind knowing that you were able to lose the weight in between cycles, and more importantly have a healthy pregnancy. Thank you for sharing your story