First Response and Fertility Lifelines

I've been asked to team up with Fertility Lifelines and First Response to help spread the word about fertility. First Response is even coming out with an at-home test for fertility!

We were lucky enough to use a Serono product called Gonal-f. Which not only helped bring Taylor into the world, but we received significant savings throughout the IVF process.

Taylor, my mom and I traveled to L.A. for 3 days. It was a full day of filming, but we got to go to the beach!


  1. Hi! I am a good friend of Tiffany Dansie. She got me hooked on your work out videos cause she swears that's how she lost all of her pregnancy weight. I am doing your boot camp 2 video(the 8 week course) and i am starting week 5 tomorrow. I love your videos. I am not seeing huge results yet but i know things are happening cause i am sore all the time and i am slowly getting smaller but i still have a ways to go to get to my skinny self. This was my second pregnancy and i gained 60 pounds(yikes i know) my first i gained 50 but lost it all. I am 5'7 and usually weigh 140. My baby is 4 months and i am 174 today. I have lots to loose still. I don't nurse cause i dried up when she was 2 months so my boobs are smaller but still need to go down more cause now they are just fat.
    Do you have any recommendations to get skinnier faster? I usually do your video 5-6 times a week and then i try to run at least 3 times a week. I cannot believe how fast your body went back to it's old self after you had your baby. I am jealous. You are an inspiration that i can do it too. Thanks Valerie VanderLinden

  2. LA and the beach! How I wish I could be there (or back in Phoenix for that matter). This picture is so cute with Taylor and Congrats on teaming up to spread the word about fertility. Thanks again for the conversation yesterday. You really are an inspiration.

  3. Thanks for the comment on my blog. My husbands like "Lindsay Brin commented on the blog!" Ha!

    Today I am teaching week 11 of your 12 week program. That's a hard week.