Measuring up 1 year later...

Measurements 1 Year Later

Time flies! It’s already been a year and my lil’ girl is walking and talking up a storm. I’ve stayed pretty steady with my workout schedule over the last 6 months, about 3-4x/week. I’ve been able to eat more than I ever did before getting pregnant. Of course I believe in the study that if you workout during pregnancy your body reaps many postpartum benefits, and maybe that’s one of them. Your body works double time during pregnancy and if you workout it works a little harder…needless to say all that hard work shows!

So I decided to pull out the measuring tape! I stayed on track through 3 low scale fertility treatments, a cruise to the Mexican Riviera and a trip to Naples by weighing myself once a week. But I haven’t whipped out the measuring tape since I was 4 months postpartum! Here goes…
Below Waist=29.5

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  1. Wish you all the lucks! :) Glad to hear your story. I can relate to this, my ozeri scale also awaken me to have a healthy lifestyle. And I'm very thankful for bathroom scale.