Cellulite Return!

So I haven't been able to exercise for almost 4 weeks now, and as I put on my swimsuit yesterday to take Taylor to the pool I screamed in horror! Sure your muscles can atrophy in 4 weeks--but come on! I thought I just felt jiggly from not working out....but sure enough I am jiggly! I counted a few dimples on each cheek. It's depressing since I go from the best shape of my life and working hard to "light duty" exercise (which basically means walking only-but not in the 100 degree weather).

To make things worse I jumped on the scale. I had late onset hyperstimultaion from the IVF, which basically means you look 5 months pregnant from extra fluids and is also the reason for "light duty". So I'm going to use that excuse for the scale jumping up 5 lbs!!!!!!!!!!! Yikes.


  1. I don't recall ever not having cellulite! No matter how hard I workout I can't seem to ever change how my legs look.

  2. But imagine how nice and firm your uterus is. :)
    Mine's all jiggly.

  3. Ahh! Your 1,2,&3 yoga DVDs are on mamabargains right now and I don't have any extra money to get them!