Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Look what weeks of not exercising can do!

So we're 13 weeks pregnant and I have been on modified bed rest for WAY too long (props to moms who do it even longer than me). I've gained 5 pounds and finally got rid of the hyperstimulation fluids that put on even more lbs.

So we all know looking in the mirror in the 1st Trimester just isn't very fun. I look thick, pasty white, nothing fits and then I turn around to see this cellulite! AHHHHHHH!

So the 2-4 pounds a woman is supposed to gain in their 1st trimester is accomplished. But that should just be baby and extra blood volume...not added cellulite! I learned in school that muscles atrophy in 4 weeks and I can definitely tell my muscles started to atrophy a little from bed rest. And I've come to the conclusion that exercise makes me feel good in every way. My mood mostly! But my morning sickness is awful--and exercising with Taylor was the only thing that made it better!

I got the ok from my dcotor to start walking yesterday. And of course I thought that would have been the first thing I did today...but my excuse of a bad headache got in the way. So I just need to get back at it, I know how great a walk will make me feel.

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  1. I'm by no means fat, but I have had cellulite ever since I can remember.

    Eh, I'm not wearing short shorts anytime soon so I'm okay with it :)

    Hey I got your 3 yoga pregnancy DVDs in the mail today. I'm excited to try them all out (even though I'm already in the 3rd trimester I want to try them all!)