Much Better

So we've been out walking every morning since my last post. And it has made a world of difference! Both in feeling "blah" and my moodiness. My neighborhood is full of hills so it feels good to huff n' puff a little. Plus fall is my favorite season and the weather in St. Louis has been very fall-like recently.

We hit up the pre-season St. Louis Rams game last week. I love football season! And being a past Rams cheerleader I love checking out the new dances and costumes. But I had to spend 45 minutes in my closet finding something that covered my belly since I just look "thick", so I strapped a rubberband onto my jeans (which are much tighter in the thighs thanks to bed rest) and enjoyed some good ole stadium nachos.

P.S. I've received so many wonderful and uplifting messages. Thank you to everyone on Facebook and my blog for the prayers and thoughts...looks like this baby (boy) is gonna pull through!


  1. I just finished watching 2nd trimester yoga DVD, I want those pants!

  2. Is there a special prenatel yoga DVD or is she referring to the regular 2nd trimester workout?

  3. Guess what? The pants are 30% off right now, we're running a special. I have 4 pairs-I wear them during pregnancy and not pregnant. I think they're my favorite.

    The prenatal yoga is on the 2nd trimester DVD. But we also ran a special with Baby Steals where we offered just the prenatal yoga DVDs.

  4. Hi Lindsay! I just found your blog after doing your Postnatal Bootcamp DVD workout today. (purchased from Baby Steals!)
    My baby is 8 weeks old and I just started working out again thanks to your DVDs. I love them already and can't wait to feel & look "normal" again!!
    Congrats on baby #2!