Normal Pregnancy???

Woop-Woop! Went to the doc today (17 weeks) and I am finally considered a "normal" pregnancy with risk of pre-term delivery. That means I can teach Stroller Pump again and take Taylor and Epic jogging (although it might not end up as jogging, just walking until I feel comfortable) and do more than my prenatal yoga workout.

My belly grew and my weight stayed the same. Now it's time to concentrate on eating well instead of eating whatever I can stomach. The morning sickness is mostly gone!

I had planned on learning how knit while on bed rest. I really wanted to knit some Halloween stockings...guess it'll have to wait. i just don't have the patience now.

My new videos are released this week! And I couldn't be happier or more stress-free about that. Between battling the flu, finding a new web designer and watching myself over and over and over and over again didn't leave a whole lot of time for Miss Taylor. Who, seems to want to be like her daddy (already looks 95% like him), and get into dentistry.


  1. I am now starting to drag in my workouts. I'm 33 weeks and the energy is gone, but I still teach aerobics. Today we did week 4 of your 12 week boot camp, then I added some week 7 in just to make it longer :)

    I can still do squat jumps, but high knees makes me have to pee. Ha!

  2. so glad you are feeling better and that the stress is letting up a little bit! hopefully this baby boy can stay in there long enough! taylor is a cutie as always! getting so big!

  3. Hooray, hooray! I've been thinking of you and just found your blog. So glad to hear that the stress is lifting. And a BOY???? Great news. How exciting to have one of each!