Fat vs. Muscle

So why do our pants get baggy, yet the scale stays the same? It's not the 5x worn "half-dirty" pair of jeans...it's fat vs. muscle!
First, fat does not turn into muscle. Fat is simply lost. Second, as you tone your muscles they get more compact, not bigger. So if you simply eliminate fat by eating below your BMR (*see BMR below) and tone your muscle by exercising it's time to by some new jeans!
Our handy picture here shows what 1 pound of lean tissue (muscle) looks like compared to 1 pound of fatty tissue. Notice the fatty tissue is bumpy and bigger!

*Go to my website to calculate your BMR


  1. Good to remember. It's something I struggle with when the scale isn't budging even though my clothes are getting looser. Hope everything continues to go well with your pregnancy. You are an inspiration.

  2. Hi Lindsay!! I've been a blog follower for a while now and have commented before. I decided early in the year that this year I would dedicate myself to taking care of me, for me and for my family. I did really well towards the beginning of the year, and then in the last several months went back to old habits and undid all of my hard work. Lately I decided to get back to it, even if I don't feel like it. So I pulled out your postnatal bootcamp dvd (the only one I own so far, although that will be changing soon!!) I'm planning to follow the 12 week program and I'm just trying to eat healthy foods. I keep a food journal. Each night before bed I plan and write down my meals and snacks for the day. That way I don't have those moments standing in front of the fridge and choose something that looks good rather than what's good for me. :) My goal is to lose a LOT of weight. Around 55 pounds. But I don't want to just be skinny. I want to be HEALTHY and FIT. I watched a friend of mine (Tiffany Dansie) get back into incredible shape with your videos and I'm planning to do the same for myself. So should I do the 12 week program every day or every other day? And if I do it every other day, what should I do on off days? Thanks for sharing your knowledge and encouragement. It's so helpful!!

  3. McKenne, good for you! You can do it...all 55 pounds. Just continue to stay motivated and consistent. Every other day for the 12 week program, and adding an interval walk or jog on the off days. You should shoot for 5 days a week:
    Mon Boot Camp
    Tues walk interval
    Wed Boot Camp
    Thurs walk interval
    Fri Boot Camp
    * walk intervals can be finding hills or jogging for 30 seconds every few minutes (burns more calories in less time). If you like to jog add a sprint for 30 seconds every few minutes. Keep me posted!

  4. Hi Lindsay - I have diastasis recti and recently (mid-October) had surgery to repair an umbilical hernia. I'm ready to start working to get back to my pre-pregnancy shape (my oldest is 4.5 yo and my youngest is 20 months). I have the Core Firing Sequence DVD and the BootCamp DVD. I walk 3x/week and would like to eventually lose 30 lbs. How should I incorporate your DVDs to start working on this?