Baby #2 - 26 weeks later...

I walked out of the bedroom in the same getup I wore when shooting my videos. My husband laughed hysterically and proceeded to tell me he'd rather not see me in that again until 12 weeks after Rylan is born. I have to agree! The protruding mess around my back-waistline (also known as back fat), armpit overhang and dimples on my thighs was enough to send me into overload!

So far 10 lbs. But I count 14 lbs. since I go from my Pre-IVF weight. Either way we're scooting right along.


  1. ohhh girl... you look phenomenal!!!! hands down!!!

  2. Lindsay, I work with your dad in Springfield and recently announced at work that I'm expecting (13 weeks currently). He was nice enough to pass along one of your business cards! I had seen one of the Moms into Fitness DVD's on Netflix a few weeks ago and what a surprise I got when I made the connection from the card to the DVD I'd previously seen! Its a small world.... :) I can't wait to try out one of your videos! Hope everything is going well with your pregnancy!! I know your dad is very excited!!!

  3. What a cute belly! You look so awesome little mama. Mama Bird still thinks you are amazing!