My IVF Journey

Fertility Lifelines Video, Lindsay Brin & Taylor

So here is the story of how we got Taylor! All summed up in a video that makes me cry everytime.



  1. haha - not falling for this one again! I bawled my eyes out watching it the 1st time.

    I had 2 sort of personal questions that you totally don't have to answer if you don't want to... however, I have a feeling I only remember 1 :(

    Did you have a planned c-section with Rylan? or did you wait to go into labor and then get the c-section?

    Oh yeah! The other question, just came back to me... when you were preg with Rylan did you have fears of loving him as much as Taylor, or having a favorite? How is it now that you have 2? Was it harder to bond with Rylan? Is your love and feelings the same or equal for both? I'm really struggling with this - however, everyone tells me it's normal 2nd pregnancy fears... I just can't imagine I could ever love another baby as much as I do my son :( I've been trying so hard to bond with my little girl during this pregnancy, but it does not feel the same as the 1st time around... so thought I'd ask?

    Again you don't have to answer if you don't want.

  2. i've seen this several times before and it always makes me emotional! what an amazing journey.

  3. Oh yeah... one more question I meant to ask.. were both your c-sections epidural, spinal or 1 of each?

    I had an epi with my 1st and it failed, needless to say I'm terrified of having my c-section this time. I'll be getting a spinal - but wondering if you had a comparison and if one was better etc?

  4. Vanessa,
    I had an epidural both times. And both c-sections were scheduled (Taylor was sideways and I was high risk with tears that occured at 6 weeks with Rylan). But both kids came earlier than their scheduled c!

    I do have to say I was much more scared the 2nd time, I hate getting the epidural. So I probably haven't helped you at all! But I cannot comapre to a spinal either. I did have a girlfriend that had her baby boy naturally after they couldn't get the spinal to work, but the next time things went much smoother!

    And yes-yes-yes I wondered how I would love Rylan as much. Not as much bonding went on during the pregnancy, not sure if that's cause you're busy with the other babes or because the bliss of your 1st pregnancy is gone??? But once he got here it was instant.

    I have heard the's very normal. And I am sure every mom out there feels the same!

  5. that made me cry too! so happy for you, Lindsay! Your babes are beautiful!!!