The workouts have officially moved inside! With -5 degree wind chill we didn't even venture out to Taylor's gymnastics class today.

So through Thanksgiving I gotta be honest, my workout program lacked. I did watch what I ate! But the difference was the swelling-30 weeks pregnant and not a bit of swelling until I didn't workout for 5 days. So that was enough motivation to get me back on track!

I hit up my boxing bag in my workout room today. Love that thing. What a great way to get the heart pumping and de-stress! About 20 minutes did it for me and then I did some prenatal yoga. Although I have to admit I am getting antsy and ready to have my body to myself again. Not necessarily uncomfortable (yet!) but a good night's sleep and a Hot Yoga class is calling my name. I also cannot wait to do some intense interval training. I already feel bad for my Stroller Mamas, they are going to get it this Spring when I am back at it!


  1. Hey Lindsay,
    What is your idea of watching what you eat esp. by the holidays? Avoiding desserts and anything really fattening or just tasting a LITTLE BIT of everything? I am always looking for pointers in how to control myself when there is plenty of everything!

  2. I don't recommend depriving yourself of anything, but you should definitely eat within your perimeter. Have a set schedule of breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. Do bites, lick or tastes in between! If you're at a party try to fill your plate with healthier items...and no seconds!

    I posted a few other tips to help keep you in line. Hope this helps!