Fertility & Pregnancy Yoga

In August 2007 I went through my 3rd IVF. I knew I had the best doctor and it looked like the odds were on my side. But still I could not get over the emotional & physical turmoil of infertility. Why did we increase my Gonal? Why did I fill my bladder too much before ET? How does my husband put up with me right now? Why? Why? Why?

Then I realized I was only in control of one thing, my body. I couldn’t control the situation I was put in but it was time to take control of my attitude, emotional well-being, stress and physical body.

Having been a pre/post-natal fitness expert for several years I knew the incredible benefits of exercise and yoga. So why didn’t I apply them through my 1st IVF? Well, I’m not really sure. All I know is I was an emotional wreck, 10 pounds heavier and cranky!

But if you’re like me, by the 2nd IVF I was willing to do anything and everything to improve my chances! I added acupuncture, read Dr. Greene’s book and got back to my daily exercise regime which included yoga. And we did better this time around…but miscarried at 6.5 weeks.

This brings us back to August 2007 when I got the best news ever! Betas 32 @ 11dpo and 130 @ 13 dpo! I believe that was always the plan but again I could only control 1 aspect of the situation: my body.

Yoga is known for stress relief of infertility and increased blood flow to the uterus. So of course it’s beneficial! But if increasing your chances isn’t enough motivation please listen to me when I say feeling better about yourself is the reason you should try it!

Yoga is a series of postures and exercises that promote control of your body, spiritual wellbeing and a connection with your body. You can use safe yoga postures to build strength and flexibility along with relaxation to develop or enhance calmness and confidence

Here are some known fertility yoga poses.
1. Start in butterfly, sitting with bottoms of feet touching and knees bent
2. Twisting butterfly, first place your right hand on the outside of your left knee and look over you left shoulder as you twist, switch sides
3. Goddess pose, lie on the ground with bottom of feet still touching
4. Butterfly rest, from goddess pose pull your feet towards your center, knees still bent in butterfly, look to the right for 5 breathes, look to the left for 5 breathes
5. Bridge pose-place feet on the ground about 12-18 inches form buttocks, place hands on the ground at your sides, lift your hips and do a series of pelvic circles
6. Savasana-dead corpse pose, lie with feet falling open and hands to your sides, breathe so deeply the back of your rib cage expands into the floor, relax until the point your feel your limbs getting heavy

Now I am blessed to be pregnant with baby #2 after IVF #4. And the only thing that keeps the swelling away and the energy high is exercise and yoga! I do my prenatal DVDs which have both exercise and yoga on them (although I have to mute myself). So once you do get pregnant continue your yoga program to benefit your body and your baby!

Please visit Dr. Greene's Blog for more information on infertility. He tells you all the personal stuff some docs forget!



  1. I like the new blog layout!

    I have a question, in some of your videos you talk about diastasis recti and how to see if you have it, but if you do have it (which I do) what can be done about it?

  2. love your new blog! and i'm glad you mentioned yoga. i love it. and i'm glad someone else out there gets down like me... i like reading "real" people's stories about life being tough and not just one big happy ordeal.

  3. oh and ps. i can't seem to find anything on your website about the shed 5 fast contest. not sure where to go.

  4. The Diastasis Recti usually can be "cured", but patience is a must! There are things you shouldn't do and things you should do. Either follow Boot Camp 2's core progression, sticking with Core #1 until you feel you've mastered it. Or use the CFS method which has 3 phases to help get your core healthy again. Most importantly don't do anything that causes pain. You can find some of the do's and don't on the FAQ Diastasis Recti on www.momsintofitness.com. Please ask me more if I didn;t answer yoru question!

  5. Tiffany....wouldn't it be nice if life was all roses? If I've learned anything...it's to get a lesson from each unrosy part of life!

    Glad you like the pink blog! We're coming out with a new website too..which will have the Shed 5 Fast Contest info on it, but not until December 30th. My fault-I'm trying to get things done before this baby arrives and not realizing the website launch isn;t until the New Year!

  6. I did a blog post about diastasis recti here: http://bluthprego.blogspot.com/2009/12/diastasis-recti.html

    I mentioned you, hope you don't mind.