10 Days after the c-section

Technical difficulty on this video...please see Pelvic Floor Exercises.
So here I am 10 days after Mr. Rylan's arrival. You will see my bathing suit shot first--then I follow with some pelvic floor movements moms can do within several days of giving birth. And I feel pretty good today, so I started the movements myself



  1. Thanks for all the tips and motivation! My baby is 8 weeks old and I'm determined to get my stomach back. LOVE your DVDs!

  2. I just started doing a DVD of yours and I love it! I was wondering if could put a date on your posts so I know what month, day, and year you wrote it on. Take care of you beautiful baby and 2 yr old.
    I just had a baby 6months ago and I have a 2yr old.

  3. Hi Lindsay!

    I have been doing postnatal bootcamp for about two months now with a few Pilates DVDs on my off bootcamp days. I now look FORWARD to my workouts and think about them during the day.

    I've always been a small person but NO muscle and after having my beautiful baby girl...things were NOT settling back right. Nursing just wasn't fixing it!

    Today I was amazed to find myself doing roundhouse kicks and pushups!?! I am feeling the most toned EVER! Thank you!

    I just got Shed 5 Fast and Dance Jam from BabySteals.com and I know I will love them! Can't wait to pull that bikini out again!

    Thanks for EVERYTHING and congrats on sweet Rylan!


  4. You look awesome Lindsay!!!! Keep it up! Thanks for the motivation!!!!


  5. hi, i have been following your blog for about a year now and watched these videos when you first posted them. now, i have a 1 week old and came back to follow your exercises only to find that the video has been removed. do you think you can repost it? thanks!

  6. Oops! I am uploading it again right now! Congrats on the new baby!