Lose the Baby Weight, Round 2, Week 2


So I think I could have "overdone" it a bit. Took a 2 hour nap today cause I was in a little pain...and nothing could have waken me form my nap! Thank goodness Grammy is here. I'm just so ready to get back to normal. But I also need to enjoy being pampered a bit, right?

So the maternity clothes are on their way back to the basement. My MIF yoga pants have faded a tad due to wearing them for the last 5 months. I am so ready to put them away for now! I am fitting back into my regular clothes...but I will be waiting until 4-5 months out before attemtping my jeans or any tight-fitting clothing. Tried on my swimsuit for my girls trip this summer (just had to see what it looked like since I bought it while prego)--not a good idea--will put that away for now too.

5" inches down in my waistline since I came home from the hopsital. And down to 118 lbs. from 136 lbs. So 10-14 lbs. to get to my goal. But, like most moms, it's not getting back to pre-prego weight that's the hardest part...it's the pre-prego/non-flabby/tight-feeling/no thigh rubbing/toned body that is the toughest part!



  1. Good for you! Rest is so necessary and wonderful when you're adjusting to mommyhood. You look fabulous, and I can't wait to follow you as you complete your journey. I just ordered the bootcamp and core workout, and can not wait for them to come in! I am going to add them to my usual routine.

  2. I love post-partum naps. Even at 12 weeks post-partum... ;). You look great for just two weeks after giving birth! I just scheduled workouts into my calendar, and can't wait to see a difference. My 4th baby is just about 3 months old, and I would love to get a better body back. I'll be following your journey!