6weeks post baby #2 no more Booby feeding!

So I decided last week I was done. Then my Taylor got sick so I stuck with it for another week (I guess figuring the added immunity I give to Rylan wouldn't hurt). So although my boobs hurt and I have to "turn off" the pregnancy/breastfeeding eating, I feel free!!!

I realized as I was at the doctor on Monday that I really need to "turn off" the eating. I was at the hospital every week the last 6 weeks of my pregnancy and I always stopped at the cafeteria for a yummy treat. Did it again on Monday...but as I stood in line I realized my extra treats are soon a thing of the past. And last night for dinner we had Taco Bell...it's back to 2 tacos, not 3!

I did my Boot Camp DVD this morning, same workout as Tuesday. It helped my soreness! But I was having severe hot flashes so I put on shorts (which I hate myself in shorts). And to my horror my knees even looked fat!

I just bought a pair of jeanshorts as my motivation, now I am truly motivated.



  1. Lindsay, With such an arsenal of DVD's, how do you pick which one to do? Also I'm about to order another DVD and can't decide between CFS and Core fitness. I'm 11 months out from my 2nd baby, 5'4", 128, goal wt of 118-120. Thanks for any advice and for putting your journey out there! You are such a great motivator!

  2. Your doing great! I know its hard to curb the treats but you can do it, your amazing!

  3. Hi Lindsay, just noticed your 7 week pics are up, you look awesome!!!! Just wondering will you be posting your measurements/weights like last time?

  4. dglass, which dvd do you have? we'll choose one that compliments that one.

    we'll be doing free shipping for 72 hours in a couple weeks (not sure of the date). i'll announce it in the newsletter if you want to wait!

  5. ugh, my measurements! the plan is to post them in a few weeks when i start to see some changes. my weight is the same, lower abdomen down 1/2". but i feel stronger!

  6. Hey Lindsay, this may be a stupid question about the measurements - are those measurements while activating your core? I find I'm always a little smaller when core is activated (I know core is supposed to ALWAYS be activated but unfortunately that isn't always the case for me). I am trying though...

  7. what a fabulous question! i have not made activating my core a complete habit yet. but probably by 11-12 weeks it will be habit, and therefore i will do it 24 hours a day and it will reflect in my measurements.

  8. Awww, I love that you eat taco hell and little treats... haha.

    You look awesome!!! How is lil man taking to formula?

    So quick question, I still have a little ways to go with this preg. But what DVDs do you recommend for after? I have the 1st tri - bootcamp set but have not purchased any additionals since I don't know what to get?

  9. Vanessa, I recommend Boot Camp for sure (which I think you already have), but I also like Core Metabolic Jumpstart and Shed 5 Fast. What I am doing is Boot Camp the first few weeks followed by mixing up Shed 5 Fast and Core Meta. I hope that helps!

    Boot Camp 2 will really help you with the core progression and make it healthy again so no matter what use that for your abs the first several weeks!

  10. Ok, that helps a LOT!! thanks :) I'm super super excited to start! haha I keep saying that, but as the days go by I don't do anything at all in the way of working out (other than my gruesome, hard core physical labor job)... haha. I'm watching you get your body back and I'm sure that'll kick me in the butt once baby is here.

  11. Hi Lindsay,
    I have been working out with bootcamp2 DVD for last month and with shed fivefast for a week. But I still have' nt lost any weight or inches and I take about 1800 calories and breastfeeding.could you please advice me.

  12. Anonymous, let's do this. Email themoms@momsintofitness.com your schedule of working out as well as a 3 day food journal (include all foods and liquids). Then Sharon will make sure the email gets to me.

    It could be 2 things:
    1) You don't have enough body fat to spare while breastfeeding.
    2) You could be working out too much or too little.

    I will take a look at all the variable for you and we'll make a plan from there! How long ago did you have your baby?