Breastfeeding Food Journal, week 3

With Rylan I decided to pump instead of feeding through the boob. Just my personal choice. I know last time I rapidly lost weight the first 2 weeks postpartum and then again when I stopped breastfeeding Taylor at 9 weeks. Some professionals say your body holds onto extra fluids (the fluids is obvious) and fat. Your body needs to retain more fat than usual to breastfeed. So once I stopped (again a personal decision because I wanted my time and my body to myself again) the weight started to come off again. And my exercise was slowly building up. Women's bodies are machines postpartum - breastfeeding or not breastfeeding - and I like to take advantage of that! It's the only time weight loss is easier and your metabolism is a little higher--without having to do anything! We all know breastfeeding depletes our fat storage, and we can eat more. So for a lot of women breastfeeding just amps up the wieght loss!

There is no "one plan fits all" for breastfeeding and weight loss. And I have a bunch of info on my website--what's safe, how much to lose each week, how many calories to eat etc. Generally you can take your BMR (also known as how many calories you can consume-you can calculate it on and add 300-600 calories. Even more if you have more than 1 baby! But the best way to track a healthy weight loss while breastfeeding is measuring yourself and weighing yourself weekly. And I have to admit it is fun to see that scale drop after seeing it increase for 9 months--or 10 months for me since I gain while on fertility meds.

It's hard. First you have to turn off the pregnancy eating. Second you have to turn off the breastfeeding eating. And all the sudden you miss those calories (although your body is ok without excess calories!)

Oh and by the way I truly admire moms that breastfeed for a long time. It's very un-selfish of you! Whatever your choice, breastfeed or formula feed, we all have to turn off the pregnancy eating! And if you adopted it's time to adjust your eating as well...excess pounds creep up on us all, pregnant or not!

So moms ask me all the time what I eat while breastfeeding. To be honest I do not change much from when I was pregnant. And although I try to incorprate lots of fruits and veggies, I also end up going through drive-thurs and eating lots o' crap. But I do eat within my perimeter which is 3 meals + 1 snack, 3 meals and 2 snacks when pregnant/breastfeeding. So here it is!

*I drink a lot of water, anywhere from 60-80 ounces of water especially on the days I exercise. I also like to have my pop for the day at least 3-4 days a week. Usually a 32 oz. Mr. Pibb filled to the top with crushed ice. My husband, a dentist, gets so angry but I love to chomp on the ice throughout the day too. Not any good nutrients coming from the Pibb but I do have to include those 150-200 calories to my daily intake. Anyhoo I didn't include my fluids in my food journal below:

Day 1
Breakfast-2 Fiber One Muffins
Snack-oops forgot
Lunch-Panera Bread Co Broccoli Cheese Soup, 1 roll and 1/2 Chicken Frontega sandwich
Snack-the other 1/2 Chicken Frontega sandwich
Dinner-Salad (2 cups romaine, sprinkled shredded cheese, sprinkled sunflower seeds, cucumbers, peppers), crock Pot Beef stew (1 kids bowl), 12 saltines

Day 2
Breakfast-1 Pop Tart with Fiber
Lunch-Cheesecake Factory 1/2 Chicken salad Sandwich, split garden salad with ranch dressing with mom
Snack-Baked Potato with melted shredded cheese
Dinner-Leftover Beef Stew (2 kids bowls)

Day 3
Breakfast-Smoothie (from my website) with 2 cups berries and whole milk
Lunch-Salad (2 cups romaine, sprinkled shredded cheese, sprinkled sunflower seeds, cucumbers, peppers), Lean Cuisine Pita Sandwich
Snack-handful peanuts, apple
Dinner-2 cups Beef n' Broccoli Frozen Skillet Meal (made with extra rice and extra broccoli)
I try to only let it happen once a week, eating after diiner, I had 2 small peanut butter cookies (my mom's is in town and baking!)

Day 4
Breakfast-Yogurt Whips sprinkled with grape nuts
Lunch-2 homemade grilled cheese with full fat cheese, 1 drinkable tomato soup
Snack-Cranberry Salad (2 cups romaine, 1/4 cup dried cranberries, 2-3 T poppyseed dressing, 1/4 cup sliced almonds)
Dinner-3 homemade Tacos with seasoned ground beef, 6" flour tortilla, shredded cheese, lettuce, 2T sour cream and a side of refried beans
6 Twizzlers

Day 5
Breakfast-English Muffin with 2T peanut butter
Snack-1/2 Target we got the popcorn on our way in (and a Mr. Pibb) and when we're done I throw the other half away and fill my pop cup with water/ice
Lunch-16 shrimp cocktail, Baked Potato with 1/3 cup full fat sour cream and chives
Snack-handful peanuts, apple
Dinner-1 Shrimp Kabob with pineapple, peppers and onions, 2 cups caesar salad with cheese

Day 6
Breakfast-1/2 plain bagel with 1T peanut butter
Snack-other 1/2 plain bagel with 1T peanut butter
Lunch-McDonalds small vanilla shake & 6 piece chicken nuggets with sweet and sour sauce (it's either fries or the milkshake, not both)
Snack-1/2 baked potato with full fat sour cream and chives, 2 cups caesar salad with cheese
Dinner-Homemade Jalapeno potato soup (2 kids bowls)

Day 7
Breakfast-English Muffin with 1T peanut butter
Lunch-Burger King grilled chicken salad with ranch dressing and croutons
Snack-1 cup vegetable pasta salad with oil dressing
Dinner-Pizza Hut 2 slices Large Cheese Pizza, regular crust

A few immediate problems I have with my journal: too much red meat and not enough fruit! And a little more calcium wouldn't hurt.



  1. Awesome!!! Yay, thank you soooo much for sharing :)

    I can't wait until I'm able to get into the swing of things - postpartum... only 8-9 weeks left and counting!!!

    Your son is totally adorable!!

  2. It makes me feel better that you actually eat out. You're not a robot :)
    For some reason I always feel like trainers don't ever eat anything unhealthy. Not eating after dinner though? That's a tough one. More props to you!

  3. I know, try as I might, I need at least one snack after dinner. I'm breastfeeding a 6 month old too though so that may have something to do with it.

  4. Hey Lindsay, do you have the recipe for the homemade jalopeno soup? Thanks!

  5. i totally agree. so refreshing to know you are human and eat things that aren't "perfect." great for people to see!

  6. Thanks for sharing! I am finally starting to get back to working out after having my little girl, started Boot Camp yesterday!

  7. Vanessa, I didn;t realize you still had 8-9 weeks to go. I thought we were closer...but I hope time passses quickly and that lil' miracle arrives healthy!

  8. Breastfeeding and snacks after dinner...they are a must sometimes! But definitely something I have to "turn off" when the BF stops!

    My eating is far from perfect, breastfeeding or not. But I do my best to balance it out if I eat too much at lunch or something.

    As for the Jalapeno Soup, I used my potato soup recipe and added chopped jalapenos and some jalapeno juice (we had it on a cruise last year and it was super yummy). I throw it together but it's something like this:
    6 potatoes, cubed for boiling
    chicken broth to cover potatoes
    vitamin D milk
    shredded cheddar cheese
    salt & pepper
    I boil the potatoes in the broth and drain 75% of the broth. Then add milk (I like a lot of "broth" so I add enough to cover potatoes). Simmer and add aboout 2 handfuls of shredded cheddar cheese and jalapenos.

  9. Love the meal plan. :D Gives me hope that I'm mostly on-track. And thanks for the recipe! YUM!! I love jalapenos!

  10. Thanks for the recipe. I'm going to try to make this tomorrow!! :)

  11. Do you have an email address as I would like to ask you some additional questions on how you got started with your business because I would love to do the same sometime in the future. My email is


  12. As much as others do not want me to judge how they eat processed/fast food, I hate that I'm referred to as a robot or inhuman because I always eat unprocessed food. It's really not difficult to eat clean while loving your food and getting the benefit of knowing where your food comes from and what it is made of. A single fast food burger can contain 100 different cows in its patty and it doesn't decompose like real food does. I love that I'm the weird one because I refuse to eat it out of convenience or laziness.

  13. HI Lindsey, I am a fitness professional who also happens to be pregnant. I am reading your new book and had some questions. You mention not to workout for longer than 50 min. However, I teach spin classes that are 60 min long as well as go on hikes/walks that are longer than 50 min. I was wondering your basis for that recommendation? Also saw that you tell your readers not to eat wild salmon? Wild Salmon is not high in mercury and is incredibly beneficial to both pregnant and non pregnant women. Wondering about that recommendation as well.
    Thank you.

  14. Sara, congrats! And great questions. ACOG (2002 reaffirmed in 2009) says do not work out longer than 45-50 min. But my guess is your body is really used to it so it might be ok for a while.

    And our regsitered dietitian does not recommend wild salmon since it usually has more mercury than farmed salmon. But there have been studies that show this both ways, and a few discrepancies. Although shark and mackerel and tilefish have higher levels of mercury and should not be consumed, fish is WONDERFUL!

  15. Hi there, i am so inspired by you! I was looking at some of your food journal and just wondering if you were counting calories and staying under a certain limit or if you were just estimating?
    Thank you!

    1. Alaina, hi! Just estimating! As much as I would like it to be pure science/math, it is not. And I also found I hated calorie counting. So after a few weeks you can estimate what works for your body. If you need help just email us by hitting the envelope at the top of the blog!

    2. Hi Lindsay, just had a baby 6 weeks ago. Which of your DVDs do you recommnend i start with? I had a CS and also have diastasis. I have your bootcamp DVD, shed 5, CFS method and your pretty fierce-weight loss. In what sequence should I use them? Thanks

    3. You are an MIF groupie:)

      Lets start with Boot Camp and CFS. Email Jess at and she can send you a calendar!