New Trouble Spots 8weeks post baby #2

So we all have trouble spots! And unfortunately there is no such thing as spot reduction. Meaning you can't do leg lifts and expect to only thin out your legs. We have to do total body, although you can concentrate on making a certain area stronger. And stronger=thinner=less trouble!

My butt and inner thighs always have been my trouble spots. But back fat and outer thighs are new to me!!! Well not totally new as I was about 20-25 lbs. heavier in college when I enjoyed pizza and beer. Now I only have a beer like 4x a year & I know carb-free diets don't work, and I can eat pizza just not the whole thing as a 4th meal.

Even my workout pants are hugging my new outer thighs and they're stretchy! Trying on jeans to go watch my Jayhawks in March Madness was a whole different story...which ended in pulling out the maternity jeans. I wore my favorite jeans at 4 months pregnant with a rubberband and even they don't even fit right now. Sure they were a bit tight while prego, but at least they fit over my outer thighs!

All this hard work and nothing to show for it...YET!

Given I still have about 12-15 pounds to go. Breastfeeding zapped it off the first 2 weeks, but since I have been at a standstill with the scale. And only a few changes in the waistline. I seem to have my eating in check so that will help soon too. I know it will happen. And again I have to remember the lesson I learned in going through IVF--PATIENCE and PERSERVERANCE.

My book, which I did the photos at 13 weeks post-Taylor, is my new motivation. And I bought some new jean shorts that I cannot wait to fit in. They hang front and center in my closet as motivation!



  1. Well I think you look great. I am creeping very slowly out of my standstill. But I am also still nursing so I know once I am done with that I will lose a lot more weight. I am only 4 pounds from my goal weight though! I just updated my blog and I am down more inches too!

  2. If it makes you feel ANY better... I was told and have read that your milk storage is mainly in your outer thighs. So once your milk fully dries up and your body realized you don't need that storage it'll fall off :)

    I am apple shape and have NEVER had a prob with my legs, I have chicken legs galore!!! But with Ryder, i noticed my outer thighs - I was really bummed out - but a couple weeks after stopping nursing it was just gone. I don't even remember it going... and to be totallllllllly honest I was not doing anything at all workout wise.

    You look incredible but I love how you just keep motivated and KNOW that it'll take some work but it'll happen.. I really need to get my head in that place, because I think I've settled... Sucks because I was a gymnast and know my body is able to look like.

  3. Linds - You look amazing and will be totally ripped soon. You are such an inspiration and I have been following your site since I bought Post Natal Bootcamp from Amazon. I am still nursing my son (11 months old!!) and am struggling with the last 15 lbs. I hope that when I am done nursing the weight will fall off as others have posted.

    Keep up the good work!!! Looking forward to your next update!! You are cruising toward those jean shorts in no time!

  4. you look awesome. it's hard to get pregnant over and over again and lose what you've worked so hard to gain. it's what i dread most... losing the body i've worked for and having to get it back again. but you look awesome and it'll come with time!

  5. Lindsay,

    I appreciate you providing a realistic and healthy perspective of returning to one's pre-pregnancy weight. Too many pop culture magazines and celebrities present unhealthily quick returns as being something that could come naturally to anyone and are something to celebrate.

    It's more important to take care of one's baby and one's body than it is to do whatever it takes to fit into pre-pregnancy skinny jeans.

    Thanks You!

  6. Thanks for being such an awesome example of sticking at it. You look FABULOUS, by the way. My baby is now 3 months old and I'm back to my pre-preggo weight, by my stomach is still so flabby. Hate it- but still working on it and trying to be patient and persistent.

  7. My baby is almost 5 months and I'm still breastfeeding. I actually weigh less than I did when I got pregnant, so breastfeeding doesn't seem to be slowing that down. My son is growing fast though (almost 20lbs & 27 in.). My problem area is that the skin on my stomach is still really loose so even though I have more muscle it still looks terrible.

  8. Isn't it crazy how new trouble spots pop up after pregnancy?!?! I also have back fat that was NEVER a factor. My back fat now takes longer to get rid of than the fat on my legs, which were always my biggest trouble spot before. And while I never thought much about it before... Oh how I hate it now!!!!

    The weight I used to weigh was also perfect for me before, but now I am pretty much there and the back fat still lingers.... which doesn't make sense because I know I have more muscle this time around. I guess the weight is just distributed differently.

    Oh well, we'll just keep keeping at it and it WILL come off! Good luck, thanks for the inspiration and perseverance reminders.

  9. Here is a question that I am having a really hard time do I stay motivated to work out on the weekends? I am pretty good Mon-Thursday, but Friday and Saturday are HORRIBLE for me...any advice?

  10. P.S. Just got Shed 5 Fast from Tiffany and it kicked my butt! Thank you!

  11. Gotta love hearing everyone's stories! I know my body will "let go" of some of this mess soon. I am ready to start my day with ahhh, down 4 lbs all the sudden--instead of ugghhhh!

    Katie, motivation on the weekends is hard! Make sure to keep your nutrition in check on the can honestly ruin an entire week's worth of effort in one weekend. But find a family activity or take advantage of some time to yourself with a walk/jog outside! Let me know if you need an outside's my fave thing to do by myself!

  12. Hey Lindsay, do you think you could post an outdoor workout on your blog? I'd be interested as well!

  13. Can I do toning and cardio in the morning and in the evening of the same day? I know I'm not supposed to do two days of toning in a row, but wasn't sure about dividing it up throughout the day.


  14. I will definitely post an outside workout!

    And you should be ok doing cardio/toning throughtout the same day as long as you don't hit fatigue after the first workout. My 10-minute Boot Camp workouts can be done throughout the day.