Starting from Scratch, kinda...6w0d

Soooo...I can exercise again! And after leaving the doctor's office at 122 lbs. I sure feel the need to lose it, and quickly! About 15 lbs. to go, I know this will take time.

And as most women I will probably achieve the 15 lb. weight loss a heck of a lot quicker than achieving the tight/tone I am looking for.

I started my journey today at 6 weeks 0 days.

Goal: 1.2 mile lap with hills + CFS Method DVD
jog up the small hill (3 minutes) and power walk up the monster hill (10 minutes) without stopping
. With 26 lbs of stroller and 32 lbs. of kids.

Although my lungs were on fire, my skin red/itchy and my booty flopping in the wind I accomplished my 1st workout. Even did fitness testing so I can test again later on. Oh and some screamers (if you've done my Shed 5 Fast DVD you know what I am talking about when I say booty-burn!) at the top of the hill.

Fitness Test:
Wall Sit: 46 seconds and my legs were shakin'
1 minute push-ups: 10 real push-ups, 13 girl push-ups
1 minute sit-ups: 28 (little tender around my incision, otherwise just weak)
1 minute squat thrusts with jump: 11
1 minute high knees (elbows at 90 degrees hitting hands): 60

Tomorrow's Goal: Boot Camp DVD warm-up, toning/cardio #1 and #2 (10 minutes each), cool-down

Later this week, a Hot Yoga class. That's not taking it slow but I haven't been in so long!!! I will probably end up lying on the floor for the last half of class.

I feel like there is a light at the end of a very long tunnel. And if I have learned anything from going through IVF it's that Patience is a Virtue. I'll get my body back, it will just take time. Heck I know what to do! Now I just have to do it!



  1. Awesome!!! You're hardcore! I am not sure I could jog up hill with a stroller & 2 kids... however, once this baby is out I will give it my ALL... I saw some inner thigh jiggle today in the mirror and almost had a heart attack!!! BAH!!!!

  2. Screamers really did kick my butt during S5F!! Way to go jumping back into your workouts. Your 6-pack will be back before you know it! :)

  3. Go, Lindsay, go! You're going to get there.