The grass is always greener on the other side, right? Well I for one am learning to think my grass is green. Of course I adore my family and lead a wonderful life. But some days I wish I worked outside of the home and some days I wish I was a stay at home mom!

I do have it pretty good being a WAHM (work-at-home-mom). Although it made me laugh this afternoon as I was so excited for my mom to be in town so I could head out to Starbucks for a few hours and get out of the house! Really? Excited to go to Starbucks and work?

Sure, I have a group of employees for Moms Into Fitness that do a lot of work for me so that I can be a WAHM. So I am lucky! And I can take a nap when I want, take the kids to the park when I want and work when I want. But I can never "turn off" work and sometimes being in my home feels like work.

I've had several moms ask me how I am able to work and be a stay-at-home mom. I by no means have this mastered, but I am learning. I can no longer prop Taylor in the Baby Bjorn and write my books until 2 in the morning. We HAVE to have a schedule. So I bought one of those post-it calendars and put it in my laundry room.

I have all of the kids stuff (from soccer to gymnastics to nanny days) written down. And I was so excited to add my workouts starting next week!!! Monday p.m. I do my videos, Tuesday a.m. I do stroller, Wednesday early a.m. I do group training, Friday early a.m. I do Hot Yoga and Saturday I do Boot Camp. 5 days for now...then I will take it down to 4 days.

Anyhoo--I have all the major stuff written in the calendar. Then during nap times I have Facebook, Blogging, emails and smaller items listed. And on my 2 nanny days, Monday and Wed afternoons I get all the work done that I can. Outside of all this scheduled stuff I do not work or get on the computer!!! (of course I cheat a lot, but I need to spend that time with my hubby and family, not tied to my computer and/or work).

As I am the queen of rambling, I will stop there. But what I learned from my calendar (which even has laundry schedule mid a.m. on Tues/Wed/Thurs) is that if I stick to it I am really happy and not stressed about work looming over my head.

So I AM happy being a WAHM. Some days I want to get dressed up and go in an office and some days I wish I didn't work. But my grass is green for me on most days.



  1. That's awesome and great advice!! I'm a WAHM too. I did the SAHM thing the 1st time around and unfortunately, it was very boring! My son slept a LOT and we live in the mountains off a dirt road so getting out (only had 1 car - so I had to walk) was sort of hard to do.

    I love the scheduling everything in... that's perfect! Even your YOU time/family time. I need to try this.

  2. i cannot imagine doing what you do! so busy! i agree that everyone else's life always seems "better" than my own. but really, life is what we make of it. and i'm sure trying every day to make it fun... especially with my kids. scheduling is so important for moms and i think kids need it too! just don't beat yourself up if you don't stick to it all the time. gotta be flexible in life. :)

  3. Congrats on your new book :-)

    I think your plan is really working out great for you.

    You have both worlds covered and your still doing the work you enjoy and having down time.

    I work in an office, and your not missing much really when you don't have flex time. And I wish I could have naps lol....

    Your AMAZING and inspiring, keep it up!

    I would love a chance to win your video!

  4. I love being a WAHM too. It requires a lot of discipline and organization, but it is MORE than worth it to be available for my kids. I can totally related with feeling like getting away to Starbucks to work is a break, though :)

  5. Nice to read about others who are WAHM's. The only things I find is it's hard to socialize and make time for friends as I work 9-5 at home (with hubby home now on parental leave)- sometimes I feel a little couped up and hermit like with no one to go to coffee with/extra curricular stuff/etc. It is nice not to have to go to work and see my baby whenever I want but I do miss the socialization part! Do you find that too Lindsay or how do you make that work?

  6. I try to do lunch with girlfriends, and I find my stroller classes are a ghreat outlet!

  7. I'm so glad you blogged about this topic! Since I wrote you, I've tried the post-it calendar, which works some weeks (great idea!)but in general I give myself a check-list for the day and accomplish those goals by the end of the day so I have the little bit of flexibility I need. I added a sitter to the mix now, two days mornings a week and that's when I'll work on my business! Other than that, I try not to open my computer and it's made me feel SO much more balanced and happy. Thank you so much Lindsay!!!