Week 4, Getting my Body Back

I cannot believe my lil' man is 4 weeks old tomorrow! We got his newborn photos and I cannot believe how much he has grown.

So my body is at a standstill (or so it seems). The scale fluctuates between a few pounds, unfortunately those few pounds are above my last weigh-in at 3 weeks! But my measurements are slowly going down. I am sure I will feel much better when I am released to workout in 2 weeks! And breastfeeding keeps added lbs. and fluid.

Still doing my pelvic floor movements, even added the pelvic tilt on the ball this week! But then Taylor took my exercise ball as her own new toy....

I've posted my 60 day progress tracker on my wall as motivation(I plan on having this available on www.momsintofitness.com as soon as I get around to it so my mamas can keep track of their progress-postpregnancy or not). Love looking back at my goal 1 year after Taylor , which also happens to be the month before I got pregnant and started IVF fertility injections. Hopefully I'll be back at 5 months!

About 10 Months Ago
Below Waist=29.5

Home from the Hospital with Rylan 5 days old, Baby #2
Bust=35.5 Woop-Woop!
Below Waist=37.5

4 Weeks Later
Weight=between 119 & 122
Bust=34.5 This week my husband told me how fabulous my boobs look. FYI, this is not a compliment when they are only for milk purposes...I'd rather him have told me my belly is looking less hairy.
Below Waist=34.75



  1. You look awesome Lindsay. Also, they say that the weightloss while breastfeeding goes in waves - and that's what happened to me. You lose a bunch initially then it plateaus, then all of a sudden you're 10 lbs lighter, then plateau, then 5 lbs, etc. I'm now trying to decide whether to stop breastfeeding or not as I want to really concentrate on losing those last few pounds. My baby is 6 months old though (+ I'm starting to get extra tired which may due to the breastfeeding or doing too many workouts - I had been doing the shed 5 fast/boot camps/CMJ and elliptical 5-6 times per week but am thinking I should cut back as I am just so super tired lately). I lost lots the first 2 weeks, then nothing for a couple of months, then started losing, then nothing so now I'm not sure if it will start coming off again with breastfeeding or if I should stop and see if I lose more if I stop(I've got about 10 more lbs to lose). That may be selfish but he's hungry a lot too and a little formula may remedy the frequent late night feeds. Are you going to post any measurements/weight with the pics? Thanks for sharing :) Also, awesome you are able to pump like that, I find it challenging enough to do the feeds on demand!!

  2. Still look awesome!!! I know how being at a standstill can be irritating, but I would KILL to look like you 4 weeks PP...

    I also LOVE all your new baby pix... you made 2 adorable babies and Taylor seems like the sweetest, proudest big sister!!!

    Oh and the photo of Daddy and his lil girl having a moment made me cry!!!

  3. Melissa, props to you for BF at 6 months! And to still be doing the late night feedings...

    I know for me the weight zapped off at first and then again when I had Taylor, but of course everybody is different. And its hard to get over the feelings of "selfishness" when deciding to stop BF. I guess for me I am ok with the selfish part! Not just for my body, but my time!

    Will post my measurements (I've been menaing to do it as several peeps on Facebook asked me to, just haven't got to it!)

  4. Vanessa, you're too kind! I surte wouldn't mind being able to wear more than the 3 outfits I currently fit into!

    Gotta love the daddy/daughter shot huh?!

  5. Vanessa, you're too kind! I surte wouldn't mind being able to wear more than the 3 outfits I currently fit into!

    Gotta love the daddy/daughter shot huh?!

  6. Lindsay,

    If you are 5'2, and weigh 102 pounds, your BMI is 18.7, which is underweight. Do you consider yourself 5'1? Could you explain healthy measurements and weight goals?

    Congratulations on a healthy baby!

  7. I'm so glad you asked about my BMI! Yes, it does happen to be borderline normal according to the Institute of Medicine. But BMI is also not the most accurate calculation.

    I like to rely on Body Fat percentage, which has always been in the healthy range for me. It's accurate to my body.

    Oh and I am 5'1 1/4-1/2" so I love to round up!

    I don't think there are necessarily healthy measurements, other than making sure your waist to hip ratio is healthy (keeping visceral fat to a minimum). Everybody is different, I think measurements are a great grading scale for your progress. Other than that all they are is a jean size!

    Weight goals can be measured (as accurately as they can be without a 1 on 1) by using the calculation on www.momsintofitness.com to find your target weight.

    I hope that helps!

  8. Just wanted to LOL about the hairy tummy comment... what is up with that???? HAHAAHA I noticed a cute (meaning really NOT cute at all) layer of peach fuzz covering my entire tummy!!

    I remember when I gave birth to Ryder a while later - I could wipe it all of... it was the strangest thing ever!!! Well, the peach fuzz is coming back again... So strange! :) all worth it in the end though...

  9. Thank you for answering my question about the BMI situation. My struggle is knowing when to stop losing weight, and I was using the BMI for that.

  10. I recommend you get a body fat analysis (at a university or health club) to know "your" exact percentage and ot know when to stop losing. But BMI is a much more convenient way to calculate, although not as accurate to you. Defintely do not drop below the healthy range!

  11. Will do.

    Thank you for the advice, Lindsay!