Week 5 , Getting my Body Back


So Taylor had a little delayed jealousy on her new brother. 5 weeks into it, and she's starting to realize "baby" is here to stay. Could be because he wants to be held more now???

Measurements=no change=ugh

Looking forward to my 6 week checkup next week! Then I can start expanding my very small wardrobe. Maternity clothes were put away, but only the comfies fit right now.

I went tanning yesterday and besides the burn it feels really good! I do think a tan can make you look 5 lbs. skinnier. But as I was trying to eliminate tan lines and lift up my lower back/core I realized just how much pregnancy affected my core, especially my pelvic floor. It took all I had to lift my buns in a bridge position and shift over. Now it's not just about getting my body back--it's about getting my core healthy again!

P.S. No tan lines in my picture so it was worth the extra effort!



  1. I've been meaning to ask you .. does something like this http://www.babooshbaby.com/tauts.html help to get your core back? I purchased one after I had my baby but didn't have enough endurance to wear it for the 40 days straight. Although I do think it helped my posture out!

  2. Maybe I should go tanning...or spend some time outside. I live in Arizona, you think I would be tan!

  3. AHHH, tanning! The only time I tan is right after baby - for about a month! It gives me 20 minutes of quiet and a nice golden color (any other time I use an AWESOME self tanner!!).

  4. Anne, I saw that when they interviewed Brooke Burns (maybe it wasn't Brooke Burns, can't remember) on TV. Here's the problem...if you wear that you won't learn to activate your core. Yes, it might give you support, but only your muscles can support your core. Think of it this way...your spine has muscles that run parallel on each side. If you don't strengthen those muscles yoru spine has no support, unless you give it outside support like a brace.

    So, great questions. But I do not recommend it. Your muscles can do everything and more!

  5. Nicci, what is the "awesome" self-tanner you're talking about? I'm in need of a good one that doesn't turn me orange!