10weeks post baby #2

We're getting there! Slowly, but surely. The scale budged today! Kinda made my morning until the trip to Target. Taylor threw a fit so we only got 1 item off of my huge list. Anyhoo back to the body stuff.

 Nutrition
 60-80 ounces water
 Exercise

I can check off 3 of 4 boxes and I'm feeling pretty good. Whether or not the scale is showing it (only down 2 pounds since week 4) I am much happier as I look in the mirror.

Still retaining fluids. I cannot wear my rings post-pregnancy but could wear them all the way through pregnancy. But I am sure once my body gets normal again after breastfeeding that will go away. Water will flush the fluids out (reduces swelling and flushes fat too!), but if I drank anymore right now I'd be hitting up the potty every 10 minutes.

P.S. Did I just say "potty"...guess you can tell it's potty training time for Taylor!



  1. Awww, yay! I'm so glad the scale budged :) funny you mention your rings :) that is my goal this preg. is to be able to wear my rings until d-day. So far so good!!

    I know the fits well :/ I took Ryder to Joann's fabric and the instant I put him in the cart he flipped out. He just woke up (and it was the the 1st outing without a diaper) and he was really not happy... unfortunately, I was one of "those" mom who let him have his fit in the cart and totally ignored him. I noticed that when I rush to get him out of the store due to a fit, he's learning that he can do that and we'll leave. Since I've started ignoring it (I try to get to a corner where there are not too many people) he usually stops in a minute since he's not getting a reaction out of me.

    I know it's not always right to stay put since it's affecting others too - but I evaluate those sits... haha. If I do remove him because of a fit, I don't let him know he's winning. I just tell him I need his help outside and then when we get outside I make him help me with something - like I'll drop my keys and ask him to get them... usually the fit's over by then. Anyway - gotta love this age! hahaha

    Good luck on potty training, Ryder took to it very well :) I am actually surprised at how easy it was. I just introduced treats (I use 1 semi-sweet choc. chip for pee and 2 for poop) I don't ever give him one unless it's for potty so that way it keeps it specialness.

    BTW I really do notice a difference in your body... you look great!

  2. Agreed, there is definetly a difference in your body even if it's only 2 lbs on the scale - now I wish I took pics every week to for motivation since the scale fluctuates about 2 lbs for me all the time!

  3. vanessa-i am going to have to use your tricks, including the potty training!

    love the ring goal for this pregnancy! that was all the motivation i needed to workout...when i woke up swollen!

    the bod is getting there...just ready to fit in my clothes!

  4. Way to keep working hard even when the results are slow! You are such a great motivation to so many women! Thanks for all of your great videos and tips!

  5. wow! you're looking great! good job.