11weeks post baby #2...117 lbs!

Ahhhh, victory. Well not really my goal quite yet, but thank goodness that scale finally budged. Been working my tail off and was ready to see a lil' reward. It took 8 weeks for that scale to budge--woop woop!

The best news is my jean shorts do not look as awful as they did a few weeks ago. They sure don't look good! Yet! But at least I feel comfortable exercising in shorts again. Doing a few weeks of bed rest before Rylan was born due to low amniotic fluid+ the 6 weeks no exercise post c-section really did a number on my legs! My knees were fat and the dimples...well...they're gone now.

Now I haven't gotten into the shape that I did 12 weeks after Taylor, but I had a book photo shoot at 13 weeks with her. So I ate PERFECTLY! This time around, not so much. But over the weekend I did my 3 day sugar cleanse (which is not a scientific cleanse whatsoever). All I do is get rid of pop and bagged/boxed snacks for 3 days. And after 3 days the cravings are gone, well almost. I am sure the sweets have something to do with the time of my cycle, but if I gave into those hormones every time I'd be a few lbs. heavier!

On a random note, don't ever do those detox programs! You will lose water weight and they will mess with your metabolism and the second you start eating "normally" you will gain it + more. If you need a quick fix for the weekend:
1. get rid of white stuff
2. drink water (divide your weight in half to figure how many ounces you shoudl drink with exercise)
3. base your meals around protein/veggies (careful not to increase the fiber too much as this causes bloating)

Ok, goal tomorrow while the nanny is here: outside boot camp workout for you all and my measurements/workout program for the last several weeks.



  1. That's awesome, congrats! Now I'm extra motivated too. Did your Shed 5 Fast workout today during my lunch break but didn't have it in me to do the extra cardio on top of that. I find I stick with it better if I just do the one workout, if I do two I'll do it for a week or 2 and then I stop. So this way is better for me, plus Shed 5 Fast is quite challenging and works up a real good sweat!

  2. Nice work!!! I know all too well that it can be frustrating to see that scale stuck on the same number from week to week, and isn't it a great feeling to finally see the move?!

    I have also been doing Shed 5 fast. I lost 2 lbs last week!! I am still nursing so am having to really fight to lose these last 10 lbs, but I will get there soon!!

  3. Lindsay,

    Congrats on your progress!

    I have what may seem to be a random question. In an effort to add variety to my exercise regime while doing something fun with my son, I've taken up biking (he rides in a seat on the back on the bike - that added weight makes a difference!). Someone told me that biking with add mass to my thighs, which is something I really don't want. Is this true? Is there a way to counteract that effect?


  4. Thats a GREAT post Lindsay!

    Thank you for posting on Detox its all the rage right now and people need to know more about it and the side effects.

  5. Hi Lindsay, I saw that you posted your workout schedule and measurements from Facebook notification but can't find it on here - am I looking in the wrong place?

  6. Not a random question at all! I have seen cycing classes add bulk to some women. But most of this has to do with the way your ride. A lot of us pedal/push with our quadriceps (tops of thighs) and forget to pull with our hamstrings (back of thighs). SO make sure you push/pull equally - and yes it makes it harder too!

  7. Yes, found it. Thanks! I feel soooo much more motivated seeing the schedule!! You look awesome btw, seriously, I am going to be doing your workout schedule now for the next few weeks for sure!