7weeks post baby #2

No weight change, zilch, since 2 weeks post-baby. But since last week (the first week working out) my lower abdomen has gotten smaller and I feel a little stronger everyday. My endurance is improving a lot!

I cannot imagine what my body would look like 3 months from now if I didn't work out...still flabby I'd imagaine. I think that's why some moms end up overweight after 3 kiddos...not working out in between to get that body back! I know it's difficult to find the time (and energy) but the energy and a healthy body image can do wonders! We have to use our muscles to make them do anything. Although I think we all (me included!)have this notion that my body will resume its normalcy on its own. It can get close. But goodness I don't think the scale would budge for me if I wasn't getting my workouts in.

P.S. Love my Baby Jogger City Select! It is an awesome double stroller.



  1. My scale hasn't really nudged in a couple weeks either, but today I saw a new lower number, yippee!

    I taught yoga this morning and did a lot of plank holding and side plank. If I hear the girls complaining then I know it's good :)

  2. yes, i would be one of those overweight women after 3 kids...ugh! I wasn't lazy, just not as dedicated as i should have been...therefore, I am 45lbs MORE than I was before baby #1. i also nurse until the kids are about 13 months and that has truly been SO hard for weight loss. my weight will not budge, my body holds on to whatever it can...and that is why i am buying your video.
    i also realized that i have diastasis recti. just add it to the long list of things that i need to work through, right? thank you for your blog and for all of the videos (i have heard SUCH good things from an acquaintance Tiffany D.) i'm ready to change my body and life! sorry this was so long!

  3. I love how you keep with it even though the scale doesn't move... I'd be sooooo discouraged! At least you can acknowledge the changes and have a good body image. I'm feeling really good this pregnancy, in terms of body image and I HOPE it sticks with me after - because I think it'll really help me accomplish my goals :)

    You're awesome!!!

  4. how many more weeks Vanessa? so glad you're feeling good-although i'm sure you're ready to be done being prego by this point!

    ashley...i love when that scale budges, it can really make your day!

    katie...so glad tiffany sent you this way! you can do it. i can only imagine how frustrating it is for 13 months when your body holds onto everything. mine holds onto everything, but i only bf for 6-10 weeks. do bc2 of cfs for the diastasis, of course let me know if you have any questions!

  5. I'm reluctant to answer how many weeks :( I somehow managed to get messed up and thought I was further along than I was... to my utter disappointment my friend pointed out that my c-section (May 14) is still 6 weeks away. I was thinking I only had between 4 - 5 left to go :( haha needless to say she's not my friend anymore ;)

    I'm so over this pregnancy thing! I can't breath! I'm only up 16 lbs though. How many weeks were you when you had Rylan?

  6. Im sorry you have not seen a change in the scale, but how do you feel? Tight?

    I am having the SAME kinda week, and I don't have any baby excuses.....sigh!

    Certainly next week will be better for you, you RAWK!

  7. Trainer T-tight, yeppers. But I think we are all too familiar with the scale dictating our moods!

    Vanessa-Rylan and Taylor both arrived at 38 weeks before the scheduled c-section. Rylan's fluid was too low so I went in for an appointment and they kept me. May is such a good month--it's when taylor was born--but I know it seems far away!

  8. Wow - you made it to 38 weeks? that's awesome! I have some days where I'm committed to going the distance this time around, but others where I'm so fully over it.

    I'm have big hormone issues this time - I feel clinically insane with the happy, sad, angry mood swings that come without warning. Guess it's par for the course. sigh :)