9weeks post-baby #2

So I did Core Metabolic Jumpstart on Saturday and have been unable to laugh or move my arms over my head. It hurts so good! You can watch me suffer in the video below...

So I have to use the photo to the right as my motivation at 9 weeks post-Rylan, cause my willpower isn't there! This photo was taken 1 year after Taylor and 3 weeks before I got prego with Ryaln. I know motivation works much better than willpower, but I need to regain a lil' willpower. Maybe once I sleep through the night 50% of my willpower will come back???

Sure enough...frustration has set in. I measured 1/2" less in my waist, otherwise no changes--not even an ounce on the scale, zilch. Week 3 I was 119 lbs. and week 4 I have remained at 121 lbs. I know my body hangs onto the extra for a few weeks after breastfeeding, but come on! Enough already! Swimsuit season is fast approaching and I plan on going to the lake a lot!

I've received a ton of Facebook messages and emails (thanks for the encouragement--we all need it when we're frustrated) and I wanted to clarify a few things about breastfeeding and weight loss. Sure this is my blog and I rant a lot, but I am also a pre/post-natal expert so I should teach as I go!

I wish there was a number we could all expect to lose after baby, breastfeeding, not breastfeeding etc. But the truth is we all gain different amounts of weight and our bodies adjust to breastfeeding and postpartum non-breastfeeding differently. But what I can tell you to expect...if you do not workout and eat right you will stay right where you are. If you are proactive, exercise correctly (intervals, toning and inner core training) and watch what you eat you will feel better and look better!

My body seems to cling onto every last bit after breastfeeding. Everyone is different. In fact most women will lose more between 3 & 6 months of BF. Check out the MIF FAQ (click on breastfeeding and weight loss)or La Leche League for more info. I've seen hundreds of women go both ways, some lose the last 5 lbs when they are done and some are lucky enough to lose all the lbs. during. I personally chose to stop breastfeeding for a number of reasons, not just to get my body back. I got to the point I did not enjoy it. And I wish I could've made myself enjoy it more for the benefits to Rylan!

But either way we are all left with the jiggle in the middle! And only toning + cardio can remedy that! (unless you do plastic surgery which I don't recommend)



  1. Oh I love it! Awesome video, isn't that how we all are at home? Kids crawling all over us.
    Is it weird to watch yourself as you workout? I think it would be so neat to do a video. And it's nice to know that you find your own workouts hard, that it isn't always a piece of cake even for you.

  2. I'm so glad you posting this about BFing!! I swear I carried around those extra 5lbs FOREVER! (Until S5F that is!) I didn't understand because I thought the weight was supposed to magically all just melt away when you nursed!

  3. you look awesome. and i love that the baby was crying in the background and that taylor was crawling all over you. i get mad when i'm interrupted though. you were nice and friendly. i know how frustrating no changes are. and i can only imagine the pressure you feel. you're doing great.

  4. I'm sorry, Lindsay, but I had to giggle at your "I'm dying comment"... like another said, it's nice to see that your workouts can be hard, even for you.

    I remember after Ryder, I did boot camp and yelled at you all the way through it... "How does this chick make this $#!% look so easy!" lol... So for me it was very nice to see that I should not expect to keep up with you in the video.

    You've really given me a new view on fitness "buffs"... you make getting your body back seem human and real life. It's so inspiring and motivating to see that even you, with the awesome, rock solid body goes through hurdles to get there :)

    Also, had to laugh at you bending over showing your hubby your inches - lol that's something I would totally do!!! Just not sure I'd have the balls to post it on the web - haha xoxoxo

  5. Had to add, you look fantastic!!! I can see your ab muscles in your 9 week pic... That's impressive to me, since my abs have always been my major problem area :) keep at it!!!

  6. Thank you for sharing the video of you working out to yourself (isn't that weird??)...with the baby in the background, Taylor jumping on you in the midst of push ups and the "I'm dying" comment....it helps me realize that there is no magic way but hard work to get your body back after baby# whatever! And that even you have times when its hard for you to want to work out....thanks for sharing your journey with us!

  7. I too loved the video of you working out! Half the time, my boys want to get in on the workout action, and we are all in our eat-in kitchen/"workout room" kicking away while playing Shed 5 Fast on the computer's DVD player. I have to be REALLY careful not to kick someone in the head! I find myself saying over and over, "Now, look before you kick, guys. We are trying to keep our bodies healthy not end up in the emergency room." Gotta love being a mom!

    Interesting side note - - I finally have Judah weaned (for about 3 weeks now), and my body is shrinking! My weight isn't changing at all, but I have lost more inches off my waist and hips. It's like my body is finally able to fully respond to all the hard work I am doing and finish that tightening-up process. I think hormones are a powerful thing, and while I think breastfeeding did help me lose weight and shrink my uterus, I have never been someone who could be as toned and tight nursing as I can be normally.

  8. Hi Lindsay, love the video! That is definetely how it is for the most of us! Just a quick question: Do you consider the Shed 5 Fast or CMJ workout to be enough for one day or should we be fitting in some extra cardio on those days as well? Thanks.

  9. Hi Lindsay~ I've loved following your progress. I'm 1 year ppd after the birth of my DS#2. (My DS#1 is 3 yo). Your blog/website has really been an inspiration for me. I am 1 week post-weaning him and am hoping those last stubborn lbs will come off. I've just started your meal plan and S5F this week! Before that I was doing 30 Day Shred Jillian Michaels, but I wasn't able to really diet since I was still nursing. I've got such a stubborn "muffin top" 1" below my belly button that I've never had before. ;(
    I really appreciate your honesty and knowledge. I've read every article on your website trying to learn how to get my body back from someone who has done it!
    Keep up the great work - you are an inspiration for me!

  10. Well, I must confess that after having you kick my butt all the time during my workouts, it's nice to see you "suffering" also (:
    You're doing a great job and you know it will happen. I hate those times when you feel like you should practically be dropping a pound a day and the scale doesn't move for weeks... but usually when it does finally move, it moves a lot!

  11. That was a great video!! BTW, my kids LOVE your S5F workout.."Jab, Jab, speedbag!"
    Also, I have some shoulder issues and can't do push ups or anything that is too extensive. Do you have any other recommendations on exercises? Thanks!

  12. Misery loves comapny, right? Ladies I have been so sore lately it hurts to laugh. But it's such a good hurt! Glad you all can enjoy watching me suffer!!!!

  13. I love reading everyone's stories! Working out at home is the BEST, just not always the most convenient for the kiddos who want to participate.

    Melissa-yes S5F or CMJ are enough of a workout for 1 day. I usually just do one. But I did write a 30 day weight loss workout here that has some extra cardio workouts. You can always add one of those on--especially if you are in a hurry to get rid of some extra lbs.

  14. Katie, you can try some upright rows with weights, chest presses with weights and reverse flies with weights. You'll want to try all 3 of these exercises since push-ups hit so many muscle groups. You can always hold a plnk with your elbows on the ground while I do push-ups on the video. Then pause the video before the cool-down and do a set of 20 of each of these exercises. If 1 set isn't challenging enough do 1 set of 15 of each, then repeat starting form the upright rows.

    You cna google these exercises if you don't know what they are--there are some good illustrations out in web world. BUT if these exercises bother yoru shoulders at all, let me know and we'll get a new game plan!

  15. Lindsay, I am loving that video...
    Hey, I got my free videos from doing amazon reviews for you and I'm doing a giveaway of the Shed 5 Fast one on my weight loss blog.
    Thanks for being inspirational!

  16. hilary, your blog is humorous! you have 3 blogs?