Going on a 7 week standstill!

I am definitely being tested! Rylan is 10 weeks old tomorrow and I haven't seen a whole lot change, except a little definition, since he was 4 weeks old. Gotta stay consistent!

But my body might be able to get to some normalcy soon. And my hormones too...my mamas know what I mean by that!

BTW I promise, promise, promise the outside Boot Camp workout is coming. And my weekly workouts as well. I have all my workouts in my journal, just need to move them from point A to Point B. Work has been swamped, we switched nannies and went down to 1 day a week, and I am trying to put the family first (most days anyway).



  1. Good for you, Lindsay!
    I'm a full time mom, and I often remind myself that I'd rather regret not spending more time on "my" stuff than I would not spending enough time with my son. I do have a fun "to do" list for myself for when he goes to college, though!

    Thanks for continuing to be a model for a healthy return to one's pre-pregnancy weight!

  2. Keep hanging in there, you really do look awesome and I can see differences week to week in your photos, I'm shocked that the tape measure is not saying so...

    I just ordered the Shed 5 fast, boot camp 2, and metab jump start (forget the name)...

    My c-section is 4 Friday's and I'm very pleased with my weight gain thus far... up 16 lbs and holding :) not trying to hold or anything, but that's how it's working out.

    I am so eager to see what my does after baby is born. Last preg I gained 19 total but Ryder came at 32 weeks. I had 5 to go by the time I left the hospital - but that didn't go until I was done breastfeeding (a year later)...

    Anyway, just rambling here. I love your blog, excited about the DVDs and getting back in shape!!!

  3. Vanessa 4 Fridays...Woop-Woop! Almost there!

  4. :) yeah almost there... so how is it with 2 kiddos? Do you feel like you get enough time with Taylor? I'm really worried that lil man won't like sharing me. I'm sure it'll all work out, he's a great kid and him and I have a super tight bond... but guess I gotta worry - lol

  5. Vanessa,
    I have 4 kids, and watching their relationships with eachother blossom is one of my favorite things about being a mom.

    I want you to make us wait if it means you are putting your family first!!!

  6. today i decided on a kids only day. no work (household or mif) and it was quite refreshing! anonymous, you are so right about the to do list when they go to college.

    taylors birthday is next week, already 2. it does go by too fast!

    vanessa-one mom gave me good advice-tell the baby to wait instead of telling the 2 year old to wait when they want something. the baby can cry (as long as you know they're fine) and the 2 year old will appreciate coming "1st"

    although i am sure kelli can give us all really good advice with 4 kiddos!! kelli?

  7. Thanks ladies :) Lindsay, I've been telling the baby to wait and I can see that Ryder really does appreciate it - what great advice!

    Kelli - 4 kiddos? Wow, that's awesome! Big kudos to you. Unfortunately, I got a later start than I wanted - so I'm done with 2. I loved being a mom to 1 and I'm enjoying 2 even more... so I can only imagine how great your life must be with 4!!!