My workout Schedule & Measurements - weeks 6-10 post baby #2

Week 1 Week 6 Week 7
Weight: 123.8 Weight: 121.2 Weight 123.8
Chest/Back: 35 Chest/Back: 33.5 Chest/Back: 33
Bicep: 10.25 Bicep: 10.5 Bicep: 10.5
Waist: 32 Waist: 29 Waist: 29.25
Low Belly: 36 Low Belly: 34.5 Low Belly: 34
Thigh: 21.5 Thigh: 21.25 Thigh: 21.25

Week 8 Week 9 Week 10
Weight: 121.2 Weight: 121.2 Weight 121.2
Chest/Back: 33 Chest/Back: 33 Chest/Back: 33
Bicep: 10.5 Bicep: 10.5 Bicep: 10.5
Waist: 29 Waist: 28.75 Waist: 28.5
Low Belly: 34 Low Belly: 34 Low Belly: 34
Thigh: 21.25 Thigh: 21 Thigh: 21

All DVDs listed in my workouts can be found at my website

6w0d (6weeks 0days) - 25 minutes
1.2 walk, 3-5 minutes jog with stroller + fitness testing (wall sit, pushups, situps, squat thrust, hi knees) + CFS Method
See fitness testing here
6w1d - 28 minutes
Boot Camp 2: warm-up, cardio/toning #1 and #2, cool-down
6w2d - 90 minutes
Hot Yoga
6w3d Rest
6w4d Rest
6w5d - 37 minutes
Boot Camp 2: warm-up, core #1, cardio/toning #1 and #2, cool-down
6w6d Rest

7w0d - 33 minutes
Boot Camp 2: warm-up, core #2, cardio/toning #1 and #2, core#2, cool-down
7w1d - 40 minutes
Stroller 40 minutes interval walk jog (walk 2, jog 1 first 30 minutes & walk last 10 minutes) + CFS Phase 1
7w2d - 40 minutes
Stroller Pump level 2 (felt like I was going to throw up…could be that I pushed it too hard too fast or that I forgot to eat breakfast!)
7w3d Rest
7w4d - 23 + 15 minutes
Core Metabolic Jumpstart + 1.2 lap around neighborhood with hills (my abs and arms were burning while pushing the stroller after doing the CMJ video)
7w5d Rest. My abs are killing me and it hurts to laugh.
But I need to pretend I sewed my belly button to my back so using my inner core becomes a habit!
7w6d - 42 minutes
Dance Jam DVD

8w0d - 39 minutes
Postnatal Boot Camp: warm-up, Pilates #1, body resistance, kardio kickboxing, body resistance 2, cool-down(I forgot how hard PNBC was…dying…did about 40-50 seconds of each 1 minute exercise). And as I was stretching I noticed just how tight my hams and calves got during pregnancy, which is common since the hams attach at the lower back.
8w1d - 26 minutes
Boot Camp 2: warm-up, cardio only #3 and #4, cool-down
8w2d - Postnatal Boot Camp: warm-up, Pilates #2, 3-10 minutes intervals, cool-down. Almost did a full minute of each exercise!
8w3d Rest. My abs, inner thighs and butt are killing me from yesterday.
8w4d - 90 minutes
Hot Yoga
8w5d - 23 minutes
Core Metabolic Jumpstart…I started with a 5 lb. weight but had to move to my daughter’s playground ball for my “weight”.
8w6d Rest. Again, it hurts to laugh…but it hurts so good!

9w0d - 40 + 8 minutes
Outside Boot Camp workout (see here) I did 4 minute jogs. I did it with my stroller, but plan on doing it Wednesday by myself.
CFS—I’ve got Phase 1 down and moving to Phase 2. Although I know how to do all the core activation it was easy to forget. But I am getting closer to it becoming habitual so I don’t even have to think about activating my core during exercise and non-exercise.
9w1d - 40 minutes
Boot Camp 2: warm-up, cardio #3 and #4 + 1.2 mile lap around neighborhood by myself + stretching
9w2d - 60 minutes
5a.m. HIIT session at Sports Medicine + CFS phase 2.
Where did the week go??? I haven’t exercised in 3 days.

10w0d - 40 minutes
Boot Camp 2: warmup, core #3, cardio/toning 5, cardio/toning 6, core #4, cool-down
40 minute interval walk/jog with stroller from the 30 Day Weight Loss Workout
3 minute walk as warm-up
2 minute jog
50 steps sprint
50 steps walk
25 steps sprint
25 steps walk
repeat from jog
Postnatal Boot Camp: warmup, core, 3 intervals (unfortunately no time for cool-down, Rylan was hungry)
10w3d - 8 minutes
CFS Phase 2
10w4d - 60 minutes
2.5 miles with stroller:
50 plank runners, 50 bicycles, 20 PF (pelvic floor) butterfly crunches
jog 10 driveways, 20 switch lunges-repeat 5x
20 dips, 15 wide push-ups, 15 pike push-ups
Jog 10 driveways, 20 screamer jumps-repeat 5x
20 dips, 15 wide push-ups, 15 pike push-ups
More core…but I don’t remember exactly since Taylor was performing with me! But it was a lot of plank teaser stuff from Shed 5 Fast
March for Babies Walk
10w6d - 23 minutes
Core Metabolic Jumpstart DVD (I did it with the 5 lb. weight this time!)



  1. Sooooo awesome!!! I'm so excited to start. I'm not updating on facebook yet, but I'm in L&D my Dr. thinks she'll be here on Fri if not sooner :) he's aiming for Fri since I'll be 37 weeks. I'm 1 step closer to getting my body back! So needed!!!

    You've inspired me to take a weekly photo for comparison so that i can pat myself on the back :)

  2. oops that was me who posted the comment.

  3. Lindsay, thanks for posting your progress. I am 5'4, 120 and 1 year out from having a baby am currently using some of your videos and am so encouraged everyday to continue, knowing many other ladies are right there with me! I am still working on getting this stubborn stomach fat off but I am very encouraged! Thanks again for posting, know you are busy, I have 2 young kiddos too!

  4. Thanks for posting Lindsay - I may use your schedule as something new post-baby #2!

    hey - what double jogger did you buy? I've been looking but want to make sure I do tons of research before shelling out the cash. And how is it working for you so far??



  5. Vanessa, thinking of you today!

    Cindy, "misery likes ocmpany" right? I think we all have a challenge getting ours bods back-even my 99 lb. friend who just had her first baby!

    Jackie- I LOVE the baby jogger city select. I use it as my main stroller-for exercise, going to the mall and whatever else! It's a great jogger unless you are into rough terrain jogging.

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