14 weeks 2 days post-baby #2

my pre-prego jeans fit. Yes I had to shimmy my way in, but we're there. 1 lick for the confidence!

I noticed a huge difference in the last week. I am finally holding in my inner core without having to think about it. Not just during exercise but all day long, even while holding the baby I make sure my abs are pulled in. The CFS Method DVD got me there!

Also more Toning less Cardio last week.
Monday: Post Natal Boot Camp DVD: Warm up (3 min), Floor Work #2 (3 min), Toning Intervals (10 min), Floor Work #1(3 min), Plyometrics (10 min), Body Resistance 2 (10 mini), Toning Intervals (10 min), Cool down (3 min)

CFS Method DVD Phase 3

I slept right through my 5am training and felt SUPER guilty! But a good replacement – Postnatal Boot Camp DVD: Floor Work #1 (3 min), Toning Intervals (10 min), Body Resistance 2 (10 min), Fat Blaster (10 min), Pilates #1 ( 3min)…yes I was bad and skipped the warm up and cool down

Post Natal Boot Camp DVD: Warm up (3 min), Stability Ball ( 3 min), Floor Work #2 ( 3min), Toning Intervals (10 min), Fat Blaster (10 min), Toning Intervals (10 min), Plyometrics (10 min), Cool down (3 min)

I had the chance to workout by MYSELF, so I went running outside! I did hills for 30 minutes and halfway through I stopped for a bunch of different planks (thread the needles, boomerangs from Shed 5 Fast DVD). Got home and did CFS Method number 3



  1. You look great! Always love the videos. I know what you mean about holding the inner core without thinking about it. I feel like i just wrote that on my blog. (www.bluthprego.blogspot.com) I have 2 more lbs till my goal weight, which I think is good since I'm still breastfeeding. Keep up the good work!

  2. Woohoo for the pre-prego jeans!! Good for you! Your blog has been super motivating for me. I've recommended to several other moms and even loaned out my CMJ DVD....she had it for 2 weeks and I TOTALLY missed it. Thanks for doing what you do for all us moms out there trying to be fit and healthy ;)

  3. Ashley-I checked out your blog again - love it. I will tell the guy in charge to change your picture (ah men!)

    Leigh Anne, sorry you missed CMJ! I will be doing workout downloads later this summer....so you won't have to lend it out anymore!

  4. You look great! I also love the videos :) Rylan is super cute & your background is awesome!!!

    Question(s) for you... can I do core figuring video 3 weeks postpartum or do I have to wait? I've been doing the kiss & clock. I was down below my PP weight, but gained 3 lbs (added junk food - man, I'm craving sweets big time!!! I was also not drinking sufficient water)

    I'm getting super eager to get started. I'd love to start walking but it's not convenient with 2 kids where I live :( I need to start doing something I'm starting to feel flabby and yuck. Any suggestions you have are welcome :)

  5. Vanessa, you know I feel your pain!!! But you will have to stick with the pelvic floor movements until the good ole doctor releases you. Here are a few more movments you can add http://www.lindsaybrin.com/2010/03/pelvic-floor-exercises.html

    The CFS DVD you can do immediately when you are released. As for walking, can you go to a mall or recrational complex? Walking can really get you started on getting that cardio back!

  6. Awww. Thanks for writing after your gallbladder removal. You're too sweet.

    I knocked out the junk, started tracking my calories and I think the junk (and lack of water) was causing water retention since I'm back to PP weight. Odd.

    As for the walking, I'm thinking about loading up and hitting the track at the high school. I live in such a rural area that all of the roads are dirt and we're up in the mountains so getting to a mall is 60+ miles away :( very annoying. However, thanks for the suggestion it reminded me about the track at the HS :) now to get a stroller - haha.

    How are you feeling? Thanks for the link - headed there now to check it out! YAY!