My Workout Schedule & Measurements - weeks 11-15 post baby #2

Since Rylan was about 6 weeks old I have had swelling in my hands/feet. Plus heartburn, indegestion, increased blood pressure and all sorts of whacky stuff. I just figured it was postpartum/post-breastfeeding hormones. But when he was 12 weeks old and I was still having problems + increased swelling + limited weight loss I called my OB who checked my thyroid. Turns out my thyroid was fine so I went to my internist who checked my blood for all sorts of stuff and found increased liver enzymes (this usually means gall stones). We checked for gall stones, none. And after another week I asked for a radioative test for my gall bladder, sure enough it had decided to stop working!

It's kinda common and I'm sure if you ask some moms around you, you will find a handful that had their gall bladder out because of pregnancy. It was an easy procedure, although a minor setback to my Operation Body Back before Naples Trip in 2 weeks. No working out for about a week and no lifting my 2 year old Taylor.

But I already feel relief and am looking forward to seeing results a little quicker now that I have that problem out of the way!

Week 11Week 12Week 13
Weight 117.6Weight 117.6Weight 117.6
Chest/Back 33Chest/Back 32.5Chest/Back 32.25
Bicep 10.5Bicep 10.5Bicep 10.5
Waist 28Waist 27.5Waist 27.5
Low Belly 33.75Low Belly 33.5Low Belly 33
Thigh 21Thigh 21

Thigh 21

Week 14

Week 15Gall Bladder Surgery
Weight 117.6Weight 115.8Weight 117
Chest/Back 32Chest/Back 32Chest/Back 32
Bicep 10.25Bicep 10.25Bicep 10.5
Waist 27.5Waist 27Waist 28
Low Belly 32.5Low Belly 32.5Low Belly 34
Thigh 20.75Thigh 20.75Thigh 20.75

11w0d - 50 minutes -

Shed 5 Fast DVD (workout 1) + 20 minute interval walk/jog from 30 day weight loss workout (under free workouts here on my blog)

  • 11w1d - Rest

  • 11w2d - 60 minutes -
    5 a.m. HIIT session at Sports Med

  • 11w3d - 30 minutes -
    Interval walk/jog from blog with stroller

  • 11w4d - 43 minutes -
    Core Metabolic Jumpstart DVD + 20 minute max interval from 30 day weight loss workouts (under free workouts here on my blog)

  • 11w5d - Rest

  • 11w6d - 35 minutes -
    2.6 mile jog with Plank Intervals – I stopped about 8 times and did all sorts of planks (mostly from the Shed 5 Fast and Core Fitness for Moms DVDs)

  • 12w0d - 30 minutes -
    Shed 5 Fast Workout DVD #1 + CFS Method DVD Phase 3

  • 12w1d - Rest

  • 12w2d - 60 minutes -
    5 a.m. HIIT session as Sports Medicine.

  • 12w3d - 45 minutes -
    Walked hills with the 64 lb. stroller!

  • 12w4d - 23 minutes -
    Core Metabolic Jumpstart DVD

  • 12w5d - 45 minutes -
    Outdoor Boot Camp workout found here on my blog!

  • 12w6d -Rest

  • 13w0d - 52 minutes -
    Post Natal Boot Camp DVD: Warm up (3 min), Floor Work #2 (3 min), Toning Intervals (10 min), Floor Work #1(3 min), Plyometrics (10 min), Body Resistance 2 (10 mini), Toning Intervals (10 min), Cool down (3 min)

  • 13w1d - 7 minutes -
    CFS Method DVD Phase 3

  • 13w2d - 36 minutes -
    I slept right through my 5am training and felt SUPER guilty! But a good replacement – Postnatal Boot Camp DVD: Floor Work #1 (3 min), Toning Intervals (10 min), Body Resistance 2 (10 min), Fat Blaster (10 min), Pilates #1 ( 3min)…yes I was bad and skipped the warm up and cool down

  • 13w3d - Rest

  • 13w4d - 52 minutes -
    Post Natal Boot Camp DVD: Warm up (3 min), Stability Ball ( 3 min), Floor Work #2 ( 3min), Toning Intervals (10 min), Fat Blaster (10 min), Toning Intervals (10 min), Plyometrics (10 min), Cool down (3 min)

  • 13w5d - Rest

  • 13w6d - 40 minutes -
    I had the chance to workout by MYSELF, so I went running outside! I did hills for 30 minutes and halfway through I stopped for a bunch of different planks (thread the needles, boomerangs from Shed 5 Fast DVD). Got home and did CFS Method number 3…I can finally hold my abs in on auto pilot! Activating my pelvic floor and Transverse Abdominis is finally a habit!

  • 14w0d - Rest -
    I noticed a HUGE difference in my abs (especially the lower abdomen) after more toning and less cardio.

  • 14w1d -
    Outside Boot Camp Workout from my blog + an extra 1.2 miles since we lost Taylor’s shoe along the way!

  • 14w2d - 60 minutes -
    5 a.m. HIIT session as Sports Med

  • 14w3d - Rest

  • 14w4d - 45 minutes -
    CMJ DVD + 20 minute interval run

  • 14w5d - 49 minutes -
    Jennifer Galardi’s ballet toning DVD—I did ballet and Pilates cardio dance while prego with Taylor…it’s been a while and my back is sore!

  • 14w6d - Rest

  • 15w0d - 23 minutes -

    Core Metabolic Jumpstart DVD. Feeling rather crummy today and after 2 weeks of tests I am ready to have a diagnosis on what’s wrong with me. Self diagnosis: take the ole gall bladder out!

  • 15w1d - Rest -

    Feeling awful.

  • 15w2d - Too much is going on to workout!
    My brother went into the hospital with his heart functioning at 20% - scary!!!!! Once mom and dad arrived I had to go see my surgeon. Gall bladder is functioning at 10% so it’s coming out in the morning!


    1. Wow - you're non stop! Very very impressive. I hope that I can commit that much to getting back in shape.

      I have some questions, but I'm a little long winded so I'll send you a private message so I don't take up too much comment space :) please don't make special time to answer- just whenever you get around to it.

    2. I had to have my gallbladder out when my son was 2 1/2 months old. I had never heard pregnancy could cause gallbladder problems, but several people told me they had the same thing happen. I couldn't exercise for 2 weeks after the surgery. I was so disappointed since I had just started making progress before the gallbladder attacks started.

    3. Wow, same thing for me, my first daughter was 4 months old and I had attacks so bad I was in the emergency room a couple times before getting it out. Great to have it done though! Good luck and I'm sure you'll be feeling better in no time!

    4. Oh.. one question - the boot camp that you're doing, is that the original? or boot camp 2?

    5. Having that sucker out had me feeling better the same day! Who knew it could cause so much pain and discomfort. I am also down 5-6 pounds, too much water retention with the gall bladder inside!

      Vanessa, it's mostly Postnatal Boot Camp (the original). Did I read on one of your other comments you live in the mountains? That must be so refreshing.

    6. Yes, I do live in the mountains. It's very refreshing but it's such a tiny town that there's nothing up here (everything is 60+ miles). It's mostly dirt roads and having grown up in Hollywood, CA I don't really fit in - haha. I've been up here for 5 years and hubby & I still get looked at like we have 3 heads :)

      So cool about your relief and weight loss. That's amazing.