17 weeks post-baby #2

It's been a rough few weeks. My poor 34-year-old brother went into the hospital with a viral cardio myopathy. He has an enlarged heart, but is feeling better everyday. Scariest drive I have EVER made to the Emergency Room!

Then I had to throw my gall bladder surgery in the mix. My poor parents. To say the least we are getting back to some normalcy. And I am sooooo ready for Naples (T minus 2 days). I will be checking out of cyberspace and really enjoying a 2 week vaca w/o kids! It also happens that we are celebrating our 5 year anniversary, which was back in October. But I was prego and we both thought it would be more fun/relaxing un-prego.

So here we are 4 months post-prego and I almost hit the goal I set at 12 weeks after having Rylan!

I am also super excited to film my workout downloads while I am in Naples. Starting with the HIIT workout. That's High Intensity Interval Training. It's actually a super fun workout, exhausting but quick and fun! All the celebs and pro athletes are doing it and I have been researching it for the last few months. And have done it a number of times at my 5am Sports Med class. You go balls to walls for 30-60 seconds followed by a 30-60 second recovery. But my recovery will be an active one so we burn more calories!!! I feel the last few lbs meting off already!!!!



  1. Wow, what a difference. You look awesome!! Have a fun trip in Naples, sounds like you'll be working there as well if you're filming the downloads. When will the downloads be available? I'm looking forward to trying the HIIT workout. Also, are you having an informercial come out?

  2. You look fantastic! If it makes you feel better, you looked better week 1 post-partum than I do now! I'm trying to lose 30 pounds and I like to read your blog for motivation--thank you! Enjoy Naples! I look forward to the downloads.

  3. I am so excited that you are doing a HIIT workout! I watched the ad for TURBO FIRE and was wondering what your opinion was on HIIT. I guess it must work if you are going to do one too! That's awesome! :)

  4. You look AWESOME!!! I better look that good at 17 weeks out. Today is 6 weeks and I plan on hitting it hard!

    I'm sitting at my pre preg weight, I took before photos today (was not brave enough to do it 1 week PP). I've been tracking my cals and eating 1750 per day. I do need to up my veggies.

    I can tell you that my body image is WAY better than what the camera said because I was horrified at my photos - lol but the mirror is not so bad.

    So I start today and I'm going to give it my all and hopefully see some good results FAST!

    Have fun on your trip - I'm envious! Wish I could get away for 2 weeks.

  5. Vanessa-Make sure to keep track of your progress for me! We are launching some stuff early this fall for stories like yours...so I want to see those pics! Oh, and it is so motivating to have it all and see the differences as you go!

  6. HIIT is awesome! Been doing it since I was released to exercise in my early a.m. workouts at Sports Med. It really gets it done - and fast!

  7. I'll take some pics too as I'm definetly seeing progress!! And I have a before picture already from a couple of months ago.