18 weeks post-baby #2

So we came back from Naples FL a few days early. We missed the kids! Although I am sure by Wednesday this week I will wonder what the heck I was thinking:)

Spent 2 full days of playing with the kids and managed to keep my computer closed for a full 2 weeks! Talk about refreshing!!!!!!!!!!! We took them to the Magic House, the pool and blew up Taylor's Bouncehouse and put water down her slide. That gives me a free pass to get to work this week, right?

Oh the ongoing guilt of a WAHM!

Anyhoo I maintained my weight and lost an inch or two while we were gone. Wasn't shooting to lose any weight although I did workout a bunch while I was there. Had to make up for the hushpuppies at my favorite seafood restaurant! And to be honest it felt good to eat again without pain since my gall bladder was taken out a few weeks ago!

Goal @ 5 months post-baby = be at my pre-pregnancy weight. I was 108 lbs. when I walked into the Fertility Clinic to have my eggs retrieved - ended up pregnant 2 weeks later. I wonder if I can do it...it's only 2 weeks away???



  1. you came back early?????? you didn't tell me that part in your email!!! haha. that's crazy but cute! glad you got to spend a few days playing with the kids. and i love your swim suit. and you look awesome!

  2. You look awesome! Seriously, soooo awesome. I hope I look that great soon. haha.

    I've been noticing big changes with my body - but had a full on cheat weekend :( just when I was seeing big results. Then today I go to get my IUD so I think that'll put a damper on working out the next few days?

    Oh well, I'll get there :)

    Ohhhh one thought I had while doing your videos - you should do a stretching video - you're so flexible and being a former gymnast, I once was. I can't believe how stiff I am now :(

  3. You look great! I just did a fabulous Boot camp 2 workout today.

  4. CMJ & Shed 5 Fast + Core from BC2 for me today. Great workout. I'm beat now though!

  5. Hi Lindsay, I just saw on your FB page that you may not be having the HIIT or digital downloads available to download on dvd due to compatibility issues? So how will the digital download work then? Will it be an actual workout video (i.e. not the printed version on paper)? Also, if we are not able to download to a dvd, is it possible to have the workouts available as dvd to purchase for those who would like to do that? I know the price is $5for the download but is a dvd version possible for the regular price of your workout dvd for those who want to pay the standard $15-$20/dvd (I would pay that to have the dvd version so I could do the workout on my tv)?
    p.s. loving the workout schedule you sent me on FB, I am on week 3 and it is awesome!!

  6. Vanessa! I was just thinking the same thing as I was stretching after my workout. Ugh, where did my flexibility go!

    I have a yoga segment on the digital dowbloads coming out in September. let me know if you like it, if not I'll have to do another one!

  7. Melissa, you will be able to download the video straight to your computer. It will be compatible with iTunes, Quicktime, Windows or other video programs you have on your computer.

    But I do have my webmaster working hard on downloads that will be compatible to burn to a blank DVD. From what he says there are too many "burning programs" to make it compatible on everybody's computer. Which I guess is why Amazon doesn't do it! I promise to keep on it...