I love TEX MEX, 24 weeks post-baby #2

But my body does not love it back! I got to spend 4 days with my college girlfriends in Austin and I think I ate my way through the weekend. From pork tacos to queso, ymmuy! And it took me all of last week to get back on track!

Just got back from an evening run, which I really didn't want to do, but I am so glad I did. After last week at my parents and pulling 2 all nighters to get my 2nd round of edits on my book done, today was back in full swing. And I totally wanted to wipe the workout off of my to-do list (by erasing it, not doing it!)

The good news is I am finally getting my endurance back! I have 3 huge hills in my neighborhood - and I can now run 3 laps without having to stop, pant or turn bright red! Given, running without a stroller tonight made me feel like I had lost 60 lbs.

2 goals this week:
1) Get the house ready for the realtor on Friday.
2) Kick my toning up a notch to get this layer of yuck off!
Ok, make it 3 goals:
3) Catch up on my 400 emails I did not respond to last week while writing my book.
Wait, there is a 4th:
4) Spend more time with my little girl...she thinks I am leaving here every time I get in the car or go out the door. And I have to leave here again next week for LA.

I am down to 109 lbs. (1 pound away ladies!), but there is still a layer sticking around my thighs and my stomach. And although I enjoyed my run tonight, I need to be doing more toning to get it off faster!



  1. Ohhh where you off to in LA and for how long??? I'm glad to know you have days of just wanting to erase your workout... I have my days too.

  2. i am in LA (the westside to be exact) and would love to meet up for a workout! i am 34 weeks prego though but we can start out together. i can show you some great places to run/do stairs!

  3. I was wondering about calculating caloric burn. If I'm sweating and feel like I'm working harder than I do on the activities you listed on your create a goal option, and I burning more calories? What's a good gauge? I'm trying to add variety, but don't want to end up doing less.

  4. Lindsay you've got this! 1 pound away that is awesome! I am 5'3" and am wanting to get down to 108 as well. Is that a healthy weight for me, if not what do you think is?
    I just want you to know how inspiring you have been to me. I really need encouragement to loose weight and get in shape and just reading your blog and following you on facebook is really helping me. I feel like I have some one right there with me every step of the way. I love your DvDs and can't wait to get the ones I need when I am expecting again! Thanks so much for all you do.

  5. Vanessa and JJ-
    I am going to LA for a fitness convention. Would love to meet you JJ, but I have an infomercial meeting the minute I arrive and start working with the fitness convention for the 3 days after that!

  6. Anonymous, you can always get a BodyBug or heart rate monitor to be exact on the caloric burn. But you know your body better than anyone. A good gage is how you feel and if your muscles feel like they could only do one more rep in good form. That is the key to knowing you're doing the correct weight/reps. Does that help?

  7. Thanks First Time Mom!

    I do think 108 for 5'3" might be a little low, I'm 5'1" (always wanted to be 5'3" or 5'4"!) But you can calculate your target weight on my website www.momsintofitness.com/weight-loss-calculator It does use 19.5 in the BMI calculation-you can't see this part, it's in the software-and under 18.5 is underweight. So what I am getting at is the target weight calculated for you may be a few pounds higher!

  8. the reason i stopped by was Mammabuzz but I've been really loving your stuff for some years. I'm preggo with my 4th baby and have got to get it in gear!

    Love what you do, you have a beautiful family!
    new follower (fb, blog, and twitter)

    Christy, Home♥Mom