My Workout Schedule & Measurements - weeks 16-22 post baby #2

I’m finding more holes in my schedule these days where I can workout by myself. We’ve been at the lake with the grandparents and the grandparents have come to visit, so I hightail into our workout room or outside when I get the chance!

Week 16Week 17Week 18
Weight 111.8Weight 111.2Weight 112.8
Chest/Back 31.75Chest/Back 31Chest/Back 31
Bicep 10.25Bicep 10Bicep 10
Waist 26.75Waist 26.75Waist 26.5
Low Belly 32Low Belly 31.75Low Belly 31.5
Hips 35.5Hips 35.5Hips 35.5
Thigh 20.25Thigh 20.25

Thigh 20.25

Week 20

Week 21Week 22
Weight 111.2Weight 110.4109.8
Chest/Back 31Chest/Back 31Chest/Back 31.25
Bicep 10Bicep 10Bicep 10
Waist 26.5Waist 26Waist 26
Hips 35.5Hips 35Hips 34.5
Low Belly 31Low Belly 31Lower Belly 31
Thigh 20.25Thigh 20Thigh 20

15w3d (15 weeks 3 days) - Gall bladder surgery. 8 days no exercise.

16w4d - 30 minutes -
Gall bladder gone! I feel soooo much better after surgery. Still feeling the “stab wounds” but everyday is easier. Had to get back at it! Interval hills. Walked the hills and tried to jog between. Added some core work when I got home.

16w5d - 40 minutes - Same as yesterday

16w6d - 45 minutes - Felt strong enough to do some toning today! Boot Camp 2: core #3, toning #5, toning #6, cool-down

17w0d - 20 minutes -
HIIT (high intensity interval training) Toning workout, available

17w1d - Rest

17w2d -60 minutes -
5 a.m. HIIT session at Sports Med

17w3d - 30 minutes -
Kickboxing and toning intervals

17w4d - Rest

17w5d - 20 minutes -
Lower Body HIIT workout, 40 seconds on, 20 seconds off, repeat each exercise 5x

17w6d - 20 minutes -
Upper Body HIIT workout, same sequence as above but different exercises

Weeks 18 & 19 - Went on Vacation to Naples, FL – just the hubby and I! Sorry ladies, wasn’t in the mood to write down my workouts. I filmed a few workouts downloads (a new workout every month for $5) and worked out most days, although the fried grouper, fried halibut and cheeseburger did not help my case! No weight gain = which was my goal.

If you want to see how I normally eat (and not chow on vacation) I have a link on my website

Goal for next 3 weeks = Eliminate extra layer of fat!

20w0d - 45 minutes -
Stroller Pump Workout with a few sprints

20w1d - Rest

20w2d - 60 minutes -
5 am training at Sports Med - HIIT toning lower body

20w3d - 25 minutes -
HIIT toning upper body

20w4d - Rest

20w5d - 42 minutes -
Postnatal Boot Camp DVD: warm-up (3 min), core pilates #1 (3 min), plyometrics (10 min) X 3!!!, core pilates #2 (3 min), cool-down (3 min)

20w6d - Rest

21w0d - Rest -
No good excuse, other than 4th of July was yesterday and I am enjoying time at the lake.

21w1d - 35 minutes -
Best Bikini Body Workout

21w2d - 26 minutes -
PostNatal Boot Camp: warmup ( 3min), Kardio Kickboxing (3 min) x 2, core Pilates #2 ( 3 min)

21w3d - 35 minutes -
Today marks my 5 month goal of hitting my pre-pregnancy weight! I was 108 lbs. the day I walked into Dr. Alhering’s office for my Egg Retrieval as part of my IVF procedure. I weighed in at 110 lbs. today, but not for lack of trying!
HIIT Cardio Workout that I did today is coming out this fall as a $5 download!

21w4d - 35 minutes -
Best Bikini Body Workout, same as 3 days ago

21w5d - Rest

21w6d - Rest

22weeks - 45 minutes -
A new version of Best Bikini Body workout! It’s killer, I upped my reps by 10 on everything and it took me a lot longer. I needed a few more breaks with the added intensity and St. Louis summer heat!



  1. Hi Lindsay,

    Where is this DVD: 20 minutes -
    HIIT (high intensity interval training) Toning workout, available I would love to have it!


  2. Melissa, it will be part of my workout download series...a new workout every 30 days for $5. They are in post-production right now and I hope to have the first one ready (which is a 30 minute HIIT workout) after Labor Day!

    I'll send it out in a newsletter as well as post on my blog when its ready! Everyone is really excited about them so I am trying to push them through post-production quickly!