25 weeks post-baby #2, 1 week shy of 6 months

I am back!!!!! Woop Woop!

After kicking it up a notch in the toning category last week (and not eating my way through Austin Texas or a box of Dots while pulling an all-nighter for my book edits), I have finally reached my pre-pregnancy weight!

Weight: 109
Arm: 9.75
Bust: 30.5
Shoulders: 35
Waist: 25
Below navel: 30.5
Hips: 34
Leg: 19.25

Definetly not "DVD Production Shape" but I am happy!

And as I packed up to move (house went on the market over the weekend) I realized an old diet trick. Studies show your hunger will not notice 20% less. So I chucked out all the ole plates and we'll be eating off small plates from now on! That and eating lunch with my 2-year-old who is "all done" before I even sit down, are the best diet tricks ever.

"Revamp your nutrition in 30 days" starts today! Which doesn't include eating with a 2-year-old as a diet trick, but you will see the smaller plate trick!



  1. Hey... Just curious when you mention "kicking it up a notch with toning". So do you still just do toning every other day and cardio on the off days? Or do you do toning everyday? How exactly are you increasing it? Thanks so much!!

  2. Is it reasonable to try to strive for your measurements if I'm taller than you? I know it would be unhealthy to try to weigh as much (or little) but was wondering about the measurement comparison.

  3. Post more pix! ;) so envious!! I wish my body was back down to cute measurements...

  4. Yes, please post pics. I would love to see them! I just stumbled upon your blog and I'm hooked! You are such an inspiration to moms everywhere. Keep up the fabulous work, Lindsay.

  5. Skotlynd-I actually did less cardio and more toning (its all my schedule would allow, otherwise I wouldn't ahve taken away cardio). I did toning MWF and Cardio on Tuesday. I just bumped up my repetitions.

    And usually once I get to where I want to be I workout MWF, 2 days toning + cardio, 1 day cardio.

  6. Pictures, I am on it! Between putting the house on the market and getting ready to leave for LA I feel like I am just coming up for air! So next week, promise!

    As for my measurements...that's a tough question. Everyone is made so differently i.e. I have never had hips (or boobs for that matter!) so it would be hard to compare. My advice is to take your won measurements every Monday morning and strive to fit in your skinny jeans! Once you're there, post those measurements close so you always know where you want to be if you have another baby or gain a lil' weight.

  7. Your progress is so inspiring! Congrats on doing such a great job :)

  8. I agree, you inspire me. I can but can't imagine getting back to my old self. I've been this way so long now, I still don't feel at home in my current state but my old self seems so far away (75lbs away).

    I plan on getting your package and kicking it up a notch. Love following you!

    christyhayhurst at hotmail dot com

    Christy, Home♥Mom.com

  9. Can't wait to see the pictures! And I LOVE your vlogs!

  10. I am enjoying your Boot Camp DVDs right now. I am 8 mos. post partum with my second and it's a lot harder to lose the weight this time around.
    I just want to know, will I ever be able to NOT hold my stomach in? It's looking a lot better, but unless I pull it in, it still juts out. There is definite progress... thanks - you are an inspiration!

  11. Thanks for the comments ladies! I'll keep the vlogs coming!

    When you hold in your stomach you are activating your deep TA muscle. It's ok to activate this most of the day, and it sounds like it's become a habit for you! And as you continue to see progress you'll notice you do it less and less...

  12. Christy, just remember you can't do anything about the past, only the future. SO although it seems far away, think about how much better you will feel when you're 65 lbs away, then 55 lbs away. And I'll bet every step of the way you will start feeling like your old self. Keep up the good work and stay consistent.