I'd rather have my bikini waxed!

Potty Training sucks!!! I don't know how else to say it. Nothing like pee on the floor to test your patience. And the M&Ms must have lost their lustre! In fact, I am the one enjoying the M&Ms...

Day 1: we had lots of accidents and if I never have to say the words "pee" and "poop" I will be a happy camper. This was also the day I would have rather been in the bikini wax chair.

Day 2: better. Although, the pull-ups were calling my name...

Day 3: The M&Ms are doing the trick. Who knew 1 M&M was such a gracious gift!

Will keep you posted. Please tell me this gets easier!



  1. Aww :( I'm sorry. it DOES get easier for sure.

    If the M&Ms are now being appreciated then I think you're well on your way.

    I made the mistake and put a pull-up on for an outing and had to start all over at day one... but had MAJOR resistance... so I stopped potty training for a couple month and then tried again and it went great.

    The other big thing that helped us was to leave the potty out where he could see it. Unfortunately it was in the living room for a month. That way he wouldn't try to hold it because he was doing something... he'd just take his toys with him. Hang in there :) it'll be over soon!

  2. We bought the Potty Power dvd after a reccomendation from a friend and it worked wonders. I didn't have the highest expectations but my daughter loved it and was going in the potty by the end of the week. Good luck and stay away from the pull-ups!


  3. Sorry never been down this path but I know YOU can do it :-)

    Your a super mom!

  4. Just be patient a few more days, it'll start to click. Not that all the accidents go away, but they will be fewer and less stress. I agree, potty training is my LEAST favorite part of parenting! But, when they can finally do it all on the own it rocks!

  5. Potty power is WONDERFUL! My son watched it twice and was trained! : )