Weekly Weigh In

So I did my weekly (and sometimes dreaded) weigh-in yesterday morning. I always do my weight check on Monday mornings so I don't cheat away on the weekends - although it happens!

I am back to my pre-IVF fertility weight gain...yay! So I feel normal again!

Although I have to say weighing yourself is like weighing your self-esteem. It stinks, but its the game we have to play after having babies!



  1. What is your pre IVF weight? I'm sitting at 105 and I can't seem to get any lower...

    Oh yeah, what macro breakdown do you try to stick to?

  2. Hooray! What an awesome accomplishment for you! I just hit my wedding-weight ... which is my skinniest ever. LOVE IT!! :)

  3. Anne and Vanessa!!! Yay! I love it. You must be working hard...feels good huh?

    Vanessa, I don't believe in the macro breakdown, just plain and simple caloric intake for me. And my Pre-IVF weight is about 105.

  4. I am really glad you said that about the macro breakdown. I hit a plateau and started thinking maybe I have to do some magic macro crap.. well, the reason I didn't bother with it initially is because it complicates things too much for me and I fall off all together... that's what happened :( I'll go back to counting my cals... I'm still nursing so I can't restrict too much... but maybe I'll drop the last 8lbs when I'm done?

    You look great! If I looked that good at 105 I be thrilled! But I'm still flabby.

  5. It will drop Vanessa! You are still very early postpartum, and I am amazed at how far you've come!