What a Weekend!

It felt good to do nothing over Labor Day weekend! Although "nothing" is a very loose term when you have kids, right? We went to the lake and hung out with the fam. It was Fall weather, which happens to be my favorite except when riding on the back of a waverunner getting splashed by the white caps that have taken over Lake of the Ozarks. I wasn't going to workout while I was there but couldn't resist a short 15 minute jog outside (w/o a stroller!) on a 65 degree morning. Now bring on the pumpkins!

So I love this weather, but I only get in the pool/lake when I am sweating (I am a sissy)! Needless to say Taylor was a little bored with her lack of toys and no swimming at the lake. So we hit up a Six Flags meets Chucky Cheese type place. All we heard was "train, pease! train, pease!" for the remainder of the day. If I do say so myself, the train roller coaster would have been on the top of my list if I was 2!

What a weekend it was, nothing exciting, which seems to be the best part of it all. Today it's back to reality - with 2 cranky kids that stayed up too late the last 3 nights - and a 3rd round of book edits due Friday. So I will be going into hibernation this week and ready for another relaxing weekend after I send in my book edits!



  1. I am so glad that your weekend was "relaxing". I just wanted to tell you that I recommend your DVDs to all my obstetrical patients as a great overall trimester specific prenatal workout. I feel that compared to other prenatal DVDs that yours are more intense and gives a better whole body workout (where you actually sweat). It prepares you better for childbirth and postpartum recovery....
    Thanks so much for a great product.

    Neelam Gandhi, M.D. FACOG

  2. Hi Lindsay! Funny you posted today - I just did 2 abs segments last night from Boot Camp 2 as I've had minimal time to run (which equals about zero time for MUCH needed abs!). I teach my outdoor boot camp class tomorrow though and am hoping to fit in a nice LONG ab segment. Glad you had a terrific weekend!


  3. Dr. Ghandi, thank you so much for your support!!!!!

  4. Hey Lindsay!

    So I just recently purchased your Pregnancy Fitness videos and so far have been very pleased with them. However, in the DVD you mention that there is a Yoga section on the DVD but I have not been able to find it on any of the DVD's. I was hoping you could help me figure out where it was at?


  5. Kristi, hi!

    I am so glad you asked! I am guessing you bought the pregnancy 4-pack from Target. Target only licensed the cardio/toning trimester workouts from me, but they used the same intro from the DVDs I sell on my website and Amazon [these DVDs have the 2 workouts 1) cardio/toning and 2) yoga]. So it's kinda confusing since I say to do the yoga on days 2, 4.

    But you can do your own cardio workout on days 2, 4 or purchase the prenatal yoga 3-pack on my website for $14.99 www.momsintofitness.com/dvds

    Sorry for the confusion!