Why do you work so hard?

Have you ever wondered why I make your workouts challenging? And why you have to work so hard to achieve the results you want?

Without going into the sermon from yesterday's church service, I am going to give it to you straight. Gone are the days of walking on a treadmill for 60 minutes! To achieve the results you want in the least amount of time you have to workout hard. 2 reasons:

1) If you work out hard you will experience afterburn. To burn calories after exercise (called the afterburn effect) you HAVE to exercise at a sufficient intensity! You DO NOT get the afterburn effect by walking on a treadmill or skipping the toning routine. And trust me, we all want our metabolism to rev for a few hours after exercise, it can even burn an additional 200 calories!

2) If you work out hard your body will change to it's new surroundings. Doing the same ole thing means the same ole results. And trained women burn a higher percentage of fat, mobilize fat SOONER during exercise and achieve the afterburn effect as mentioned above!

Now I don't mean - No Pain No Gain - I mean that you should perform each toning exercise until you could only perfrom 1 more with good form. i.e. if you are doing sets of 20 and able to bust out the last few reps easily, you need to up your weights or change up your workout!

I am to the point in my workouts that I only exercise 3, maybe 4 times a week. Now I do fitness for a living so I lead a pretty active lifestyle, but my body is at the point it burns enough calories so I can maintain my regular eating schedule (not eating for wieght loss schedule) & do interval toning 2x/week and cardio 1x. And if I do 4x, I add in an extra toning workout!

On my Facebook Fan Page I do all sorts of fun tips like this. Some of you have heard my recent Facebook rants about your body burning more calories after ovulation and the 3 times you gain fat cells in your life. So join me on Facebook!

Speaking of changing up your workout, we are releasing our workout downloads this week! A new, challenging workout every month! I'll post a video clip of them tomorrow!



  1. SO glad you posted this!!!! i know this is one of the main reasons (besides eating well) that women can't lose weight, especially when they hit a "plateau"... doing the same old stuff or using those 3 and 5 lb weights for months and months. gotta change it up to keep that body changing... one of the best things i learned from you 3 1/2 years ago!

  2. Hi Lindsay! Got the workout download subscription and am starting tomorrow. I had no problem burning a copy to dvd (I just used 'convertxtodvd' software but I assume you can use any burning software with conversion) and now have the HIIT Cardio and Pilates Ab Fire ready to go for my workout tomorrow morning. Thank you so much, the workouts look awesome!! I can't wait to try tomorrow :) Melissa

  3. I'm working out way too much if you're able to do 3 times a week! I do cardio 2 time a week for an hour and cardio and toning 3 times for two hours (the first hour is interval training followed by an hour of pilates type stuff). I still want to lose five pounds, but is it possible to do so and cut back at the same time? How do I cut back without gaining weight?


  4. LOVED the workout!!!! It is perfect, just the right amount of time with awesome challenge! Is the HIIT cardio 28 min meant to burn the same as say Shed 5 Fast or more calories? Can't wait to see the workout each month!!

  5. Thanks Lindsay,

    That is so awesome to know. I am pregnant with number 2 right now and I am still working out, but I can't wait to get back into it and finally get to where I want to be.

  6. Anonymous, you could easily be overtraining. And yes it is soooo possible to cut back and have great progress. Just make sure you are using the most of your time. Like the HIIT download program, 28 minutes of intense exercise burns the same (if not more) calories than an hour of cardio.

    Melissa, yes mam! So glad you like it. It will burn the same amount of calories and probably several more. Although it doesn't have the toning which increases afterburn...HIIT toning is next month and it's killer.

    Kristin, Tiffany is in your same boat (although she has #4 on the way). I know you both are anxious to get back into your own body. And I know you will love it when the babies arrive!