Snack Time!

I receive a lot of message regarding snacks. And I think snacks have been a problem for every mom at some point. And snacks are probably the reason you cannot drop those last few lbs. So I am going to give it to you straight!

EAT WITHIN YOUR PERIMETER--that means 3 meals and 1-2 snacks. That's it...not 3-5 snacks and a snack every time your kids have some goldfish or cheerios. I promise if you do that you will lose the extra 5-15 pounds. Snacking is a habit and habits can be broken. You can do it, break the ol' habit!

So here's the plan:

1) Food journal for 3 days writing down every single thing that enters your mouth.
2) Review your food journal and find the times that are your worst.
3) During these "times" you can wait 5 minutes and see if it's really hunger or habit. Then do some flights of stairs, some plank runners, 10 minute Boot Camp workout...anything that gets you moving for 5-10 minutes. Maybe even plan your workout during this time.
4) You will more than likely not be hungry after this-you just worked hard to burn some of your current body fat so you don't want to add more calories to burn though! BUT if you are still craving go for some hot tea or hot chocolate

Overall a snack should be eaten to fuel your body through the afternoon. Eat something that has protein and carbs in it. I personally go for baked potatoes, small salads, half cup of soup or 1/2 Zone bar. Stuff that comes boxed or bagged will be unlikely to fill you up!



  1. Hi Lindsay, I have a pregnancy weight gain question: So 2 to 4 lbs is what is recommended in the first trimester (is that up to 13 weeks pregnant?). And then, if you were to gain the lower end of 25-35 lb for the pregnancy, what is the recommended weight gain for 2nd and 3rd trimester? With my first, I gained 40 lb and really want to keep it on the lower end for this one (i.e. 25 lb). So far I am 13 1/2 weeks and have gained about 4 lb. Thanks Lindsay!!

  2. Thanks for your tip/reminder about snacksduring this seasonwhere everything seems to be about food! I have just recently been able to get my snacking under control thanks to your diet plans and am worried about this season. I managed to stay on track at our staff party thanks to rereading this post and gentle reminder! Thanks!

  3. Hi Lindsay... urgent question, I hope you get this! I'm flying out of STL on Friday with about 200 oz. of frozen breast milk. Do you have any experience doing that from STL? I am so worried about TSA, I know my rights but there are so many horror stories.

  4. I have flown with breastmilk form STL with no problems. I had the baby with me so it wa skinda obvious, but I also had them all stored in breastmilk containers. I've also had to fly with syringes and fertility meds, and all they asked for was a doctor's note.

    So if you're worried you may want a note form your OB claiming you had a baby and it is indeed breastmilk. And I am sure you will probably have to take it out!

    200 are a machine!

  5. So glad you are all enjoying "Snack Time"!

    Melissa, great work on gaining 4 lbs. It sounds like you are on your way to the perfect weight gain!

    ADA recommend 3-4 lbs/month for the 2nd and 3rd trimesters. Or 1/2-1 pound per week.

    I know for me I would go a few weeks with no gain and all the sudden pack on 5. So it's not an exact science, but it sounds like you know what to do and what not to do.

    You can also find more specific information on - click on pregnancy and breastfeeding. It will give you your calorie needs to stay on track!

    P.S. I am glad you brought it up! I need to add that to our pregnancy FAQ on

  6. Thanks Lindsay, that is very helpful. I know it's not 'recommended' but I did your PNBC workout today at 14 weeks pregnant and it was still really good. The nausea is mostly gone so I really wanted to get in a good workout. I paced myself and didn't do any core stuff and did the modified version for some but it was really great to get back at it. I'm holding on to your monthly downloads until after the baby :) The 10 minute workouts are great, my 15 month old was happy to sit in his playpen and play while I worked out for 3 intervals. Thanks & happy holidays!!

  7. I am loving your Boot Camp 2 DVD, and I visit your blog and MIF website every couple weeks. Thanks for being the creator and example for us real folks! I am not yet a mom but we are trying :-)I am curious about calories burned in each of your intervals. The DVD mentions approx. calories burned for the cardio sessions, but what about the core sessions? There are some occasional days I do a treadmill workout or an outdoor hike, and I tack on a core workout. I am tracking diet, calories burned,nutrition and sleep, and this would be helpful info. Thanks!

  8. Melissa, 3 intervals while the 15 month old played, that is bliss! You know your body, so keep monitoring your perceived exertion!

  9. Sarah, can't wait to hear you are pregnant! And so glad you are doing the DVDs.

    The toning/cardio intervals burn 300-500 calories in 30 minutes. But the biggest perk with toning intervals is you burn more calories after that workout than doing cardio alone.

    Hope that helps!

  10. Thanks for the feedback! I will be sure to tell you when a baby's on the way :-) Since writing my last comment I have occasionally added an extra cardio session onto my workout (when doing Boot Camp 2 DVD) and it kicks my butt! I will say that besides some weight loss, I am now doing the intermediate and some advanced moves in the DVD's compared to when I began doing them! I still have another 20pounds to lose, but I'm a third of the way there and that is something.

  11. Linsday,
    I posted earlier about flying w/breastmilk from STL. Just wanted to thank you for taking the time to respond to me. In case anyone else is interested, it turned out to be uneventful. I had about 200oz frozen and I initially did not want it to go through the x-ray, which was my right - however, the TSA at STL said they would then test each bag individually. They were very polite about it, but I didn't want them to do this because surely the milk would have started to thaw if they took the time to open every bag, so I let it all go through the x-ray. I'd confirmed ahead with the pediatrician and couldn't find anything online suggesting that this wasn't safe. So I survived my first trip away from my baby and also traveling with all that milk. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and all the best in 2011!!!

  12. Hi, Lindsay. I just wanted to say thanks for offering such a great service. I am very thankful to have found your videos and books.

    I was wondering..... What are the right kind of shoes so the feet don't go flat? I's there a particular brand or kind? Any help with this is very appreciated. Thanks so much

  13. I recommend going to a running store like Fleet Feet..or somewhere they fit you. They can look at how you wear your current shoe and recommend the best shoe for your feet. Once you do it you will notice a huge difference in comfort for flat feet! Then stick with that brand. For me it's Adidas, although I love the looks of other shoes so I have all different brands.