14 weeks Pregnant with #3

Dear Pregnancy God,

I want to thank you for your recent blessing in stopping my hurling! I have not thrown up in the last week, thank you. Now if you could get rid of some other stuff, I have listed them from most important to least important.

1. I must be the only pregnant woman who does not get boobs while pregnant. If you could please change this so my belly is not bigger than my chest at 14 weeks prego, I'd appreciate it. I do realize they will turn into deflated turnips after breastfeeding, but I am ok with that!
2. No more insomnia.
3. No more headaches...even you know Tylenol is a placebo.
4. I'd like to stop feeling like the lady at my internship in 2001. Everyday she was tired and everyday she complained about how tired she was. I am not at all used to feeling this way and I would like to have my usual "ready for the day" self back.
5. The heartburn has already begun and I thought you usually waited to give me that later in the pregnancy,
6. I'd like to be tan without using tanning spray, tanning potions or a tanning bed (which isn't good for me anyway). Maybe once you get rid of some of my symptoms my husband will want to take me on a trip? Until then, I think he'd rather leave me at home and vacation with the kids alone.
7. Already feeling a bit thick. And I am totally ok with that since you blessed me with a pregnancy I didn't have to pay $20k for. But if I don't wake up everyday growing out of my clothes, maybe just every other day, I'd be ok with that.

Signed by one of your favorite patients, Lindsay.

I have received many requests to post my prego measurements so here we go! Below is my pre-pregnancy measurements followed by my 14 week measurements:

Weight: 105, 109
Arm: 9.75, 10
Bust: 30.5, 33 (that's the baby rearranging my insides and increasing my blood volume...not giving me the boobs I have always wanted)
Shoulders: 35, 35
Waist: 25, 32.25
Below navel: 30, 33.75
Hips: 33.5, 36
Leg: 18.75, 20.5

On another note, to all my download worker outers...yes, the workout downloads will still be released every month! Already had Core Cardio and "Old School" in the post-production pipes. Core Cardio comes out this week! You will just have to deal with my belly starting in March...but trust me intensity will remain the same...I will have my producer work some post-...production magic (where my 15 reps turns into 30 magically!)



  1. I was just writing up my blog post on your program and hopped on by since I was linking to your blog and was blown away by your post. I just had to give you a huge CONGRATS!

    Can you believe this is the second pregnancy I found about today alone? They say they come in threes, and though I would love to have a fourth if I was guaranteed to stay at home and care for another my husband and I have taken care of that and decided three was enough.

    Congrats to you and your whole family on such a wonderful blessing!

  2. LOL, Lindsay!!! You are too funny and I 100% understand your wishes :)

    Unfortunately, I'm not preg. (wishing I was) but you are just too funny & honest and I love it!!!

    I fell off the wagon in Sept and look/feel horrible... so I started back up today! Such a bummer because I had over 15 weeks of hard work under my belt and a body that I was starting to really like... back at the drawing board - but I'll get there.

    Congrats again on your pregnancy!!!

  3. I am with you on the #1, I don't get them either. Stinks, but oh well! Even while breastfeeding I am still small. Love your posts!

  4. That pregnancy god. She/he must be tired of you. :)
    That stinks though, hate early pregnancy!

  5. Boobs, oh boy, I don't think mine have ever been smaller. It's sad. My sports bra is even too big for them!

    I have a question, where exactly do you measure your arms and legs? Do you flex?

  6. HAHA, if you lucky women saw me in my sports bra yesterday - you'd be thankful you are on the smaller side! I can't find good sports bras for my boobies! Guess the grass is always greener ;)

  7. Yes I think the Pregnancy God might get sick of me by the time I get to baby #5!!! And Vanessa I am glad you were in your sports bra yesterday - boobs hanging out and all. It means you are back on the bandwagon. I think you shoudl do the Shed 5 Fast Challenge...

    Colleen-I may need your advice of taking care of 3! How do you get out of the house? I've always wanted 5 kids, just not so close in age:)

    As for my small booby girls, maybe the pregnancy God will listen???

    As for my measurements, they are all taken at the biggest circumfrence of each body part, except the natural waistline. So my arm is measured around the bicep and my hips are measured with my feet together, biggest area. The natural waistline is measured where it naturally curves in.

  8. Lindsay, I'd love to do the challenge! How do I go about signing up?

  9. Oh, never mind - I found it :)