Pregnancy Cravings - forget the pickles, I want Reeses!

I am always a salt over sweet gal. I will totally pass on any dessert for some chips and dip. Until now! 1st trimester cravings were tomato soup, pickles, oranges, apples, potato chips and chicken salad sandwiches (when I could keep them down). Now at 20 weeks I cannot get enough chocolate!

We were at Walgreens and Taylor decided to pick up some mini Reeses. a) I didn't know they made Reeses minis b) I'd be better off not knowing they did because I finished the whole package without realizing it!!! I am pretty sure that's close to 600 calories. And Taylor only had 5 of them!

So I give myself a free pass every now and again, but it doesn't go without guilt. I could've stocked up on a ton of nutrients for the same amount of calories!

Moms ask me all the time how to deal with food aversions and cravings. And without getting too scientific I will tell you that you should give into what you are craving most of the time. Especially during first trimester. More than likely your body is craving it for a reason. So I use 1st trimester as a free pass, while I try to add in special kicks of protein here and there since most of what I crave is crap.

Then in the 2nd trimester it's time to start concentrating on your caloric intake (which increases at this point) and a variety of foods. This is also a good time to start monitoring yoru weight gain if you haven't already. If you need more nutrition info check out


  1. Lol, good to know it happens to you too!! I was craving chocolate chip muffins last night and sent my husband out to get one (I was thinking he'd bring one home from Tim Hortons) and he came home with a package of 6 from the grocery store at 450 cal each!! And... I had TWO!! Yikes. That's 900 cal. And that doesn't include the McDonalds I had for supper. Needless to say, I will be watching what I eat today a little more carefully.
    On a better note, I did your 10-min toner (well 16 min) legs on Mon along with elliptical (at 24 weeks preggo) and my legs/bum are sure feeling it today!! That leg workout is a killer. It didn't feel so bad at the time but I'm paying for it now. I'm going to try to do it again tomorrow when my muscles heal up a bit so I can get more in the groove. Thanks Lindsay :)

  2. Lindsay,

    I have a question about your earlier post on indulging. I was curious about the science behind that because it seems as if a person indulgences during one meal once a week, that person would always be trying to lose the weight brought on by those extra calories and not losing anymore weight or just maintaining. Maybe our bodies aren't the calculators I think they are, but I would like to learn more about how that works.

    Thanks a lot!

  3. Melissa, you are hillarious! Luckily the last time I had McDonalds it came back up so I am safe from craving french fries for a while!

    Kate, it's a great question! And during pregnancy your body craves certain things because it needs them. That said you probably wouldn't want to over-indulge or you would be spedning the week "making up". As for when you are not-pregnant most women need to eat what they crave every now and again or you end up on the diet yo-yo wagon. But when I say give into a craving I mean by eating what you want at one meal, or eating a few cookies (not a sleeve of Giirl Scout cookies) and snacking on chips n dip every Sunday afternoon- maybe 300-500 calories worth. Otherwise, you are so right we end up working off those calories instead of our stored calories!

    And our bodies are not calculators, just guidelines to use for what works for each individual. I always say your body takes in nutrients and calories over the course of a few days, not 24 hours. Hope thathelps!