To Indulge or not to Indulge?

We've all done it. Indulge in an ice cream binge or 5 course meal. Then later make a deal with yourself you will do better tomorrow. Or better yet...the diet starts tomorrow.

Being pregnant with #3 gives me a bit more room to cheat, but it doesn't leave room for indulging everyday.

My 32nd birthday falls right around Valentine’s Day so we celebrate both at my Favorite Steak and Seafood restaurant. I started out with a salad (ranch dressing-although I have been craving Greek dressing during this pregnancy) and proceeded that with a loaded baked potato the size of my head and lobster. Wow, was it fabulous! It was also followed by major heartburn which made me want ice cream…

My Rule of Thumb (pregnant or not pregnant) – Indulge! But be smart about it. You don’t want to be a slave to the calorie counter or do a 2 hour workout and some starvation to get back to where you were previous to the indulging. But you do want to indulge, at least once a week so you never feel deprived. Just make sure your indulgence is not an all day binge…but a 1 meal or 1 snack binge. Then get over the guilt and get right back on track!

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  1. Happy Birthday! My birthday is the day before Valentines day, so we always celebrate the 2 together. so not only did I go out for lunch with the family to celebrate, but I also havea "food fest" at work...basically a buffet all day long. So for breakfast I brought my yogurt and fruit, and added a little more fruit to my breakfast and was good to go all morning. for lunch I had a plate of veggies before digging into the rest of my meal, which I turned into a big salad anyway. Eating a plate of veggies really fills you up and you feel great doing it! Thanks for the suggestions on your tape! I've been following them, and been losing steadily.

  2. So you are saying I shouldn't feel bad about eating chips and dip tonight, then putting it away, then getting it back out because I wanted more?
    Ok thanks, I feel better.

  3. I had brownies!!! Uhhgggg, now I'm just craving junk! I'm baking a cake this weekend for my step daughter and I want to eat the icing right now!

    Think it's that TOM :( I'll eat a salad instead... but I'm not happy about it! HAHA GRRR!

  4. Erica, so glad the tips are working! They really are "tried and true" tips. Dieting only leaves us hungrier, so we have to have a different approach!

    Vanessa and Ashley, I am laughing out loud. Love it. You must have really wanted those chips n dip to have put it away and gotten it back out. I am totally guilty of the same thing - then polishing off more the 2nd go around than I did the 1st. But get back on the horse and don't do it again for a while! TOM is the worst, and the best part about being prego!