25 Weeks Prego with Baby #3

The kids are at the babysitter today and I just finished my Bag Boxing Workout. Feeling really good now even though I woke up exhausted (stupid potty breaks in the middle of the night). I use Mondays to work and have a nanny come to the house on Wednesdays so I can work then too. Kinda works out that my "work" includes working out:) I realized when Rylan was 6 months old that there was no way I could work from home and spend the time with my kids I wanted to. Hard realization.

I have been horrible about posting pictures of this pregnancy in the last month! So here is a picture from last week. We rented a house 3 doors down from where we are tearing a house down and buidling. Habitat for Humanity just left so we took a walk to say good-bye to the tear-down, which was torn down in 30 minutes a few days later.

Now that we are settled in our rental house I will post a picture of my pregnancy each week. Even gonna try on some swimsuits this week since we are leaving for Naples next week...I am sure those pictures will be pretty! My "goal" swimsuits from last summer, 4 months after having Rylan, are really going to be a real treat to squeeze into!

And yes I wear my Kansas shirt proudly with my Jayhawks losing in the NCAA Tournament. Taylor too.

I am measuring in: pre-prego, 14 weeks, 17 weeks, 21 weeks, 25 weeks:
Weight: 105, 109, 111, 120, 123
Arm: 9.75, 10, 10.25, 10.5, 10.5
Bust: 30.5, 33, 32.5, 33.5, 33.75
Shoulders: 35, 35, 35, 35, 35.5
Waist: 25, 32.25, 32.75. 34.5, 36
Below navel: 30, 33.75, 33.75, 36.75, 38
Hips: 33.5, 36, 36, 36.75, 37.5
Leg: 18.75, 20.5, 20.5, 20.5, 20.5

So my week of moving, not working out and eating out didn't hurt me! But I did get right back on track last week with oranges for snacks and home cooked meals.

3rd trimester is right around the corner and I should gain about a pound a week. So looke like I might end up right between 25-30 pounds for this pregnancy. With Taylor I gained 19, Rylan 24.



  1. Hello Lindsay!

    I'm so glad that I've found you!
    Honestly, I'm not feeling that 'terrific' about this 2nd pregnancy, but when I found your site, and this blog. I think I can get through this... Cool and Fit! I think I need some catching up, you look so fab and sweet with that Kansas Shirt! Happy Trails. I just want you to know that thankful that you're around.

  2. Love your blog. Wish I had half your energy and commitment. I try to come back often so that I feel inspired! Maybe you'll rub off on me...

  3. Congrats on this 3rd baby - I recently had my 3rd (before my oldest turned 3!) Do you have any good suggestions for a mom whose job doesn't involve working out - who has three VERY young children (and an 8 week old who doesn't take a bottle at ALL) to get some good exercise? The scale is really stuck this time around, and I need to find ways to feel and look stronger and healthier. Having babies in the winter is TOUGH! (and it's still cold here in MI)

  4. Katie, you're going to have to tell me how you leave the house! taylor turns 3 the month before this baby comes and that is my biggest fear...never levaing home:)

    The best thing you can do is interval training - it is by far the most efficient AND QUICK! My Boot Camp 2 DVD is the perfect program for you. It's on Amazon or www.momsintofitness.com/dvds

    Also print off a free meal plan www.momsintofitness.com/weight-loss-calculator to get things moving even faster!

    Congrats on #3!!!

  5. Lindsay - leaving the house took some practice and finesse - but is actually WAY better than being cooped up at home all day with all 3 squirrelly girlies.

    I do have Boot Camp 2 - but will it still be as good if I can only do one interval at a time? Even 10 solid minutes where someone isn't in my arms is tough to find right now (the baby wakes up when the big girls rest in the afternoon). I know something is better than nothing - and things will get easier when it gets warmer.

    Sounds like you have an awfully close age gap between Rylan and #3 - only 16 months or so? Congrats! Having them so close is tough, but I'm convinced it will be well worth the work. :)

  6. 10 minutes will do it! Try to do 2 at some point in the day if at all possible. They do not have to be together, they are designed to burn the same amount of calories whether they are done together or by themselves!

    And if you are going outside soon make sure to get the free Stroller Pump Workout - go to www.facebook.com/MIFmom - click like and it will give you the code for it!

    Having babies is such a blessing...just wouldn't mind if I got tplan when this one came:)

  7. Hey Lindsay!

    Quick question - i have about a finger to a finger and a half split in my abs still (I'm 9 weeks post baby)should I be doing the floor workouts from the 60 day slim down, or stick with cfs?

  8. Glad you asked! As long as there is no pain and you are under 2 finger widths you are good to go!

  9. Thank you for getting back to me so fast...can't wait to get my abs back!