Why I love Dresses at 24 Weeks Prego

As my regular pants are definitely a thing of the past at 24 Weeks Prego, I have moved onto dresses. Not only do they cover up the expanding flub on my low back/hip area, I can purchase dresses that are not maternity dresses (although I just found a few maternity dress steals on OldNavy.com)

At 24 weeks I even have to retire non-maternity workout pants. Not only does the crotch look horrific, the hips I get during pregnancy are a little more than my regular ole workout pants can handle! But I will hold on to the 2 pairs of non-maternity workout capris for a little bit longer. I ahve plenty of maternity workout pants...not sure why I don't like them as much! They are way more comfortable.

We celebrated Rylan's 1st Birthday last weekend. A month late since we moved from my in-laws to a rental house and tore down the house where we will be buidling. how awful...his birthday party just didn't fit in the same month as everything else going on! But he doesn't know the difference, right?

It feels so good to finally be getting back into a routine. After moving (I should say organizing on my part since I didn't lift too many boxes) and eating out for a week straight all I wanted was a grocery store rotisseries chicken, steamed green beans and a side of rice - my trademark 10 minute meal for my fam. Amazing how much better I feel now that I am back on a workout routine and cooking routine. You know when you're at the end of a vacation and you look forward to going home because you've eaten out so much? That's where I was last week. But now I feel normal and energetic. I am sure that has every bit to do with being settled too! Didn't want to weight myself or take measurements this week...to scared as to what I might see on tht scale! So I will post my 25 week update sometime next week.

GO JAYHAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They play in the Sweet Sixteen at 6:30 tonight. Yeah Baby!

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  1. How cute, Lindsay! You look great!!! Your kids are adorable and your hubby towers you - much like mine does :P