26 Weeks Prego with #3

It was time to break out the swimsuits! I just realized the other day the beach vacation I had been begging for is here! We leave in a few days.

It seems as though I JUST squeezed myself into my "goal" swimsuits last summer since Rylan was born last February. But I am blessed. So that's it for complaining.

The torment of looking in the mirror at all my new trouble spots. The ones I work so hard to get rid of and the new ones that pop up during pregnancy. I could do without feeling thick, always wanted those skinny little arms hanging out of a maternity tank. But I will deal as long as the arms stay toned!

Not gonna lie, the Drumsticks landed in my grocery cart this week and as I looked in the fridge for some watermelon (which I have been eating entire watermelons in under a week) I moved over to the freezer for the ever-yummy drumstick. I almost bought frozen Snickers too! Then caught myself, 1 snack a week so I am not too tempted by too much variety. But boy did that drumstick help my heartburn!

A good excuse but I cannot use it every night, maybe just 2 nights a week...considering my meals have been doubling in size:) Don't think I can afford bigger portions AND drumsticks everyday.



  1. Ok 1st of all where did the time go??? July 1st?!!! WOW :)

    2nd you look adorable in your swimsuit and it's ok to complain... You are blessed, but it's your body and you're used to it looking a certain way pregnancy wears on all of us differently, to me you look cute and ever but I know what it's like looking at yourself in the mirror :) So make all the funny pouty faces you want - I think anyone who knows you knows it's funny.

    Lastly, I'm noticing with my body - I am back at my lowest weight in 6 years (104) but I don't look smooth. I feel giggly and kind of cellulite-y but not really cellulite... don't know how to explain. Will that all tighten up with strength training? If so how long should my strength training days be? I need to get bikini ready! This really proved that the number on the scale does not guarantee you'll look great.

  2. 2 Mcdonalds meals in one day - one of them at 10:30 p.m.!! Needless to say, it's not just you who has appetite from 0 to 60!! Eeek, lots of work to do once baby comes out in June :) Still only 20 lbs on so I'm hoping to stay below 30. Should I add that I also had 2 joe louis and glass of my little guys whole milk with it. Double Eeek!

  3. Vanessa, you're too kind! A gal can never get enough compliments during pregnancy, but yes I will keep making the pouty faces:)

    Lowest weight in 6 years, way to go! Toning will take care of it all. It will smooth that skin right out. Do a DVD on days 1, 3 & 5....but I don't think you need to do any extra cardio, maybe just a day 2. Keep me posted. I am jealous!

    Melissa, too funny! 2 McDonalds in 1 day...I don't think I have ever done that! Doesn't mean I ahven't done 2 fast food restaurants in 1 day:) 20 lbs and due in June sounds great! I am sure you will sail right into that birth and getting your body back!

  4. I have all the gear to do it - all of your dvd's plus downloads got me to 3 lbs below my before pregnancy weight on my 19 month old. So I am ready to get going as soon as I am "allowed" after this baby. But yes only 20 lbs (had lots more than that on with my first). I think that's a first for me in a long time, 2 McDonald's meals in one day but oh so good :) Thanks Lindsay!

  5. LOVED your little video and your goal about smiling when wearing the white suit....too perfect!! Your face cracks me up ;) You look too cute, even though you might not think so. I'm 2.5 weeks out from birthing baby #3 and sooo looking forward to getting my body back, but not the hard work that it takes..haha! I've got most of your DVD's so I'm gonna hit it hard when I get the go ahead from my Dr. Thanks for your inspiration!

  6. Hi Lindsay, I saw your post on FB that you went for a jog and have a question: Do you jog for the same amt of time as you always do or shorter while pregnant? I used to go on the elliptical for 30-40 min and now can only do 20 as I get pressure/pain at the bottom of my stomach (supposed to be normal with 2nd baby according to my OB) but I def wouldn't be able to jog and can only manage to go for a walk with my little boy for about 20 min too before I need to come back. Now I'm 32 weeks pregnant but still could do so much more with my first. I can manage 2 boot camp intervals, modified of course. No squat jumps, etc. I just do regular squats and that sort of thing. But I'm just wondering how you find it? I'm trying to be in as best shape as I can before the baby comes to make it easier after. Thanks Lindsay!

  7. You look amAzing Lindsay! I am 28 and had 4 kids in 5 years. Whew! (not the original plan!) My baby just turned 1 and I've been doing your Bootcamp 1 & Core fitness DVDs since a few weeks after her birth and I've never felt better as a mom! [I even watch my sisters kids which makes for 6 kids 6 & under most days. It seems counterintuitive to exercise for energy, but it works!]

    I always measured about 5 weeks ahead of average during pregnancy despite diet/exercise and had 9 lb babies & high fluid levels. All my weight gain was in my stomach and it's been frustrating to say the least watching all my friends bounce back while I work my tail off to even lose a pound.

    I'm not sure if the loose skin will ever go away for good, but I've never felt better thanks to you. I've learned the importance of putting my health above my children's needs for a few minutes a day and it really benefits everyone.

    I wanted to say thanks and also ask you why you're having a C-section...if that's not too personal? I'm a huge advocate for natural childbirths and while some C-sections are necessary (as yours probably is) most aren't. I was just curious...

    And you look so cute prego! I know if doesn't feel cute but you're radiant! Good luck with keeping up w/the little ones and God bless!

    ~Lindsay A.

  8. Melissa, I just fit in what I can. I think you are doing awesome so don't worry if you do less as you get further along. I am doing much less myself! no way can this body go jogging as long. Too much pressure for me too! So I switch it up with suicides and other cardio so I still get in a good cardio workout, just in less time!

  9. Holy smokes, watching 6 kids under 6. You need the workout for yourself more than anyone:) I am so glad you see the benefits, not only in your energy, of taking some time for yourself.

    I think it's just going to take time for your stomach to bounce back. And if you're still trying to lose weight that will help pull the fat off the top of your tummy muscles (which we all have since we are made to bear children). But keep doing the exercises, maybe even switch it up by adding an extra core workout at the beginning and one at the end!

    C-sections...not too personal at all! Taylor was transverse and Rylan was an emergency due to low fluid. And this one...just a personal choice between me and my doc!