Too much chocolate and a cardio workout to make up for it!

I couldn't pass up posting this picture! After a whole day of Easter we ended up with my husband's side of the family for dinner. Taylor had an accident in her dress and could have cared less that she was the hoosier child hunting for her eggs! I guess I was just happy she had a sweater and Baby Legs, considering St. Louis is ALWAYS rainy and cold on Easter for some reason.

And after consuming way too much chocolate I got my butt in gear with a killer cardio workout to start my day...given "killer workout" is used loosely when 30 weeks pregnant! It's so funny - I usually have no problem passing up chocolate, but would eat the house down on chips n' dip. Pregnancy changes things! Just need to get back to the fruit cravings instead of chocolate for 3 days no chocolate. I will be back on fruit track!



  1. I just ordered your pregnancy DVD set today and was so happy to find your blog. Thank you so much for sharing your pregnancy journeys with all of us!

    I have a friend who's 38 weeks pregnant and will be naming her daughter Harlie. Love it!

    I'm 20 weeks pregnant with my first and am starting to not fit into any of my workout clothes. Might I ask where you've had success with getting maternity workout wear?

  2. Maggie, congrats!

    I find most of my stuff on the Gap or Old Navy website Some of my Gap Body stuff isn't maternity, just one size up. Or I get one size up at Sports Authority!

  3. Thanks so much, Lindsay! I'll check those three stores out! :)

  4. Lindsay, you are toooo adorable! I've got baby fever, but sadly I think my husband is done :(

    I absolutely love the name Harper... it's so cute for a little girl!!! Lil miss Harper... <3

    So when you do a quick intense cardio to try and work off some over eating - how long do you do?

    I have a major weakness for ice cream and chocolate... uggg!!! However, I do try to curb it - just wondering how long an intense cardio session I should do if I binge. I am an occasional binge eater - lol!

  5. We're just a few hours north of St Louis. Yep, all our Easter Sunday clothes were covered with sweaters and hoodies! Hope you were okay with all those crazy storms a few weeks ago.

  6. Wow-you are busy! I bet your workouts are really keeping you going! Thanks for all of the encouragement/motivation that you offer in your downloads, blog and DVD's. I feel like I'm working out with a friend when I do your workouts! Thanks for making workouts fun! Here's my question - I've been working out with your DVD's and downloads for about 6 wks now and have lost about 6#'s (25 to go!)and 10"'s but I'm still working on closing a diastasis from 5 years ago. I've gone from 4 to 1.5-2.0 finger widths but feel like I have a little more to go. I LOVE the downloaded workouts but wonder if burpees and mt. climbers put too much strain on my abs. I do have a hard time keeping my abs pulled in tight during those particular exercises. Also, not sure if my pelvic floor is in good enough shape for jacks and froggers either. I would sure appreciate your advice. My goal is to do a triathlon in June and need to be able to ramp up my fitness level but am afraid of damaging the hard work that I've done to close my diastasis to this point. Thanks in advance if you are able to answer these questions!

  7. Vanessa, when I am un-prego I go for at least 30 minutes. But sometimes I do a high intensity and can only last for 20-25. I am going to post some of these cardio workouts this Vanessa can get rid of the ice cream cals!

  8. Maria, YAY! from 4 fingers to 1.5 or 2 is awesome. It means your hard work is paying off! And believe it or not 1-2 fingers is "normal". But hvaing had it for 5 years the integrity of your pelvic floor might take some time. So you may even want to do kegels throughout the day and some bladder training.

    But I think you should be ok doing all of the exercises, as long as you ahve no pain. It is incredibly tough to keep the inner core pulled in while doing core exercises, especially when we've done them the "wrong" way for several years. So just give it day you will notice it's no effort to pull it all in doing the core exercises. And you will know all the hard work paid off!