31 weeks Prego with #3...maybe it's time to stop running

The kids are at the babysitter today, and although I wanted to push through my To Do List and skip the workout - I am feeling quite refreshed after going outside and working out. My orginal idea was to run around the block, then interval a lap of running with lower body lunges etc., then interval a lap of running with upper body push-ups and dips, then finish with some yoga and core. But the presssure. Oh the pressure! My body was saying it's time to stop running, or at least not so much. So my 25 minute workout turned into 35 minutes since I had to walk a bunch. Nonethless I feel better.

And while the weather is nice I will keep thinking of fun (and quick) workouts to do outside when the kids are home. Kinda hard to keep an eye on them in the backyard while doing push-ups, but I find a way somehow. usually my push-ups are followed by running after Rylan, who is 1, making sure he stays in a safe distance:)

I have a few tricks up my sleeve and hope to post some new cardio workouts on this blog in my next post.

Would have had time today but I spent the morning cleaning up. I checked out of mothering duties yesterday for Mother's Day and my dear husband let me relax. He did the laundry and tried to keep up with the constant clean up after 2 toddlers. But the laundry was on the kitchen table, sink was full and the floor was a mess. I have really gotta get over this, and quick. Who cares if the house is only half-clean!!! And the hubby did a darn good job! I have to say it's helpful that I have the house cleaned so usually I don't let my day be dictated by cleaning. But the Type A personality needs to take a backseat sometimes, or at least every other day!

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  1. you look fabulous... as always!

  2. Hi Lindsay, I have a question: When can you start the CFS method after delivery? Can you start it right away? Does it matter if you had a c-section vs. vaginal? Thanks!

  3. Good question! You should wait until you have your doctor's permission to begin the CFS Method DVD.

    But I ahve some movements you can do until then! http://www.lindsaybrin.com/2010/03/pelvic-floor-exercises.html