33 weeks, time to concentrate on me...what?

Weird, never thought I'd be saying it's time to concentrate on me at 33 weeks prego with #3, but staying up late to work is really taking a toll.  When my temper is already shorter than my fingernails, yelling at Taylor for hitting her brother for the 8th time was up a few decibels and not necessary.

So my goal for the next several weeks is a decent bedtime and a nap when the kids nap!  I know I am a better mom when I take care of myself...not only with exercise but decent rest.  And 5 hours is not decent rest for me.  Work is crazy, which is everything I prayed for...a great family and a great career.  But I've gotta figure out how to make it "work" for me!

I decided to stop trying to plan around everyone else's schedule.  Made my own schedule and signed the kids up for an extra day at daycare so I can make this new and improved me work.

Gosh, I sound like Debbie Downer.  But really I am excited to get a handle on my To Do list, get some good rest and hang out with my kids when we are at home (computer staying in the office) before this baby arrives. And the baby's room...well we'll get there.  My room and a pack n play will work for while!  

Did I mention I will be attempting a maternity leave for the summer?  Is it possible?  To be determined...


  1. you should totally take advantage of kids' nap time, and lie down even though your house might appear a total wreck to you - it'll be there when you wake up! And you definitely deserve a maternity leave, although we all are looking forward to some blog posts from you, recovery, baby joys, etc...
    I hope i can make till mid July to have my second baby, and i'm already feeling like running out of patience, physical strength... praying for these things every day.

  2. my goodness, you don't sound like a debbie downer at all. You're just being real. You NEED sleep. It reminds all of us moms that you're not this super human super mom. I'm always wondering how you do all that you do.

  3. Wow, Lindsay, how exciting to see you pregnant with # 3! I'm only 6 weeks pregnant with my 4th, but loving every minute of it, even the constant nausea. :)

    I'm also a fan of several of your DVD workouts. You are simply so sweet, beautiful, and encouraging on them.

    Enjoy your up coming week, get those naps, and take it easy!